Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Beginnings

The last few months since I have moved to San Diego have been very hectic with lots of work travel and playing...Massachusetts, Toronto,Vegas, Maui, Santa Cruz, NYC, Whidbey Island, Kentucky, Hilton Head, Mexico and Dallas...I just noted that is 11 places in 12 weeks. How is that possible? It is no wonder no art has been made! There are a couple more trips before I can work in the studio, but I am certainly chomping at the bit to do so.

San Diego is a wonderful city (If you have seen the movie "Anchorman" you know why) and I am just getting to know my community and reach out to some fellow artists. I have joined the Textile Study Guild of San Diego - a large and growing group of smart and engaging women...and will lead the felting study group. I will be establishing my business here and will be doing some teaching here in San Diego, so look for upcoming dates on my website and here. It is a great destination to spend a few days and bring a friend or spouse and there is lots to do and you cannot beat the weather! Im very excited!

Moving to another country has lots of logistic issues with banking laws and tax matters to consider, so most of my "art" business time has been consumed with research and shuffling papers. I am also very happy that I have taken on a client to consult and bring her to the next chapter in her career. I am very excited for her and guiding her through her creative business journey.

With my own new chapter, I will keep you posted!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Progress..Back at it!

After a busy couple of weeks getting other business matters organized I am back at it while I have a window! I know that I can pick away at the 3d elements and I feel the motivation to work on the additional panels. It is good to switch up at this point to protect my body, and I was having a creative flow with so many good things going on ;o)...ready to design/layout!

 I pinned the middle panel in process on the back wall...the completed piece won't even fit on that wall, lol...The really white "rocks" are pieces of paper just to plan out a bit as I work. Working so large, I constantly have to step back and see how it looks composition wise.

The layout looks very strong and blocky, at this point. It will have an additional layer and then surface design, so this will all be under colors that will gently influence the final surface.

Yes, the studio is a mess. I love a minimalist space at home and work and between projects my space is super organized. The key is not having more than you need! I have nice things, and the best materials...quality over quantity in all things. Useful and beautiful are my criteria (I am fortunate the people in my life come with both quality and quantity !)

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Exciting Project with DHG (and a bit of a flashback)

As many of you know, I have had a professional relationship with a company in Prato, Italy that produces some of the finest fibers available for purchase for textile artists... DHG...The dye house dyes fibers for all of the top European designers and I am very fortunate to have had them as previous sponsors as well as exhibition in their gallery and as their guest in both beautiful Prato and at Verona Tessile in Verona (of course :o)

They have created this wonderful video featuring me and my process and all the work that goes in pre-art!

Back to Work!

With the holiday approaching, it was difficult for me to put a hold on work and switch had been sent home to my amazing family and it was time to pack to leave one paradise here in California for another..

 I look forward to laying out the next panel so I can work back and forth either working on the rocks, or rolling to alternate my repetitive movements. The issue has been my reluctance to move around a wet panel causing it to stretch. It was an ideal time to really get this piece dried out. Fan on!

escaping to the warmth from the Santa Cruz rain this week. We found the perfect spot.

 A week of eating romantic dinners, drinking, horsing around and I met lots of new people and fell in love with a place that we will return to again...

Art comes in many forms in Mexico...Beautiful artisanal Tequila and Mescal in beautiful bottles. This was in bustling Sayulita.

...and lots of creative problem solving where we were in Punta Mita

 My rocks this week :o)

Hand rolled cubans...
 Beautiful pattern everywhere
I am back in the studio this week and must get lots done before my next trip and lots to do in between! I will keep you posted!

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A few days progress...

Alrighty. Ta Dah. Yes, I know...underwhelming. Process is slow and for you the follower I know it is hard to envision. My middle panel (they will run horizontally, be joined and the seams concealed) at this point is still the background. The felting and fulling process is time consuming and labour intensive (as I have repeatedly mentioned!) 

 This pile weighs about 40 lbs, and I am lifting and dropping sections fulling it.
 Not there yet.
'm taking a look at the outdoor sink at my studio wondering how I am going to rinse this thing as I am getting close to that step...The sink is too small, obviously and it would just soak in its own soapy water. Just trying to think ahead a step...

*Confession Alert*...

I decided to schlep the work to the apartment. It was heavy and wet and I had concerns with letting it tumble. First, shorting out the machine.(it was quite wet) Second, not having control over the felt (I never use the dryer) I put it in and rearranged ever 3 minutes or if I heard anything that sounded concerning. I did this for 40 minutes. My neighbor, I'll call him "Bob", was in the cue after me and I meticulously wiped the machine and got every spare fibre out :o). The second machine is out of order (no, I claim no responsibility!)

 Time to rinse so I went to the bathtub (not having all this in studio poses so many logistical challenges and need to problem solve)

Well, it was just too big and difficult to really get the soap out even in the tub. It was a stormy El Nino day. I needed to do this outside. I went to hose off the deck and it just got muddier so I needed to go to the studio to get some drop sheet...

I returned and laid it out (they are repairing our sea wall, FYI)

 Hosing off...
Rolled up to drain

 Went for a walk...listening to the waves and seeing the light on the water beckoned in a voice I could not ignore! My walk too me to the Pleasure Point Market...

 Drop sheet to dry(sorry neighbors)

Back to the studio with the damp felt...

 Time to begin on some rocks. I decided to add all the interior rocks before all the panels are joined as it will be easier to manage. Once the panels are joined, I can cover the seams with additional rocks and other details...
 I think this may take a while...My #1 concern here is a repetitive stress injury. Tennis elbow and carpal tunnel are possibilities. I will take frequent breaks and take care of my body. I am careful in yoga with arm balances and handstands (all inversions) to care for my wrists, especially.

Now for...more rocks. I have a seamstress expert (she makes boat sails and upholsters boats, as well as being a fabulous artist) coming on Monday to discuss the joining of the pieces and trimming to exact dimensions. I will keep you posted...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Keep slogging along...after some travel!

With Party season upon us...I headed out to Atlanta for both business and pleasure.

 It has been weeks since I have flown and I really do love the landscape from the air...

I managed to connect with fellow artist and friend, Leisa Rich. She is not only super talented and brilliant, but a big heart and wonderful person. We had a few cocktails and arranged to see the Iris van Herpen exhibition...really stunning work. Yes, fashion, but to me wearable sculpture.

 So many extraordinary pieces!

There was a fantastic interactive component that allowed us to pet the materials :o) This is a polymer infused with iron shavings. A magnet was used to make the pattern as it set. Brilliant.

Gothic fabulous....3D printed. Then....we went on to Dallas for fabulous dinner and meeting up with friends and colleagues.
 .....and back to work again. My poor piece had been waiting for a week and I was glad my studio was cold. I rolled it up and let some of the water drain which I sponged up enough that I could lift it into a bin to drain further...

Today I will head out to add fresh water and keep rolling! I'll keep you posted.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Latest!

I'm entering this post from my phone so not sure what images will load...
I spent several hours this weekend further rolling and Felting. The piece has begun to shrink a little and now my challenge is to fold and full from the middle to get it nice and tight.
I am about to catch a flight to Atlanta and then I'm on to Dallas, so it will get a nice rest for a week.
I took some of the water out and covered it. My space is quite cold, which is good in this case to keep and mysterious things from growing!
Off I go...update to follow very soon!

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time to relax

time to relax
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