Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wonderful Two Days...

I really enjoy having students in my home studio and having a semi-private class is my favorite. They get to learn from each other and explore different things, have another person to get to know and build connections. Eva came from what has become my home-away-from-home, Massachusetts, and Carmella from Quebec. They were well matched skill-wise and we had a wonderful time...
for Carmella's second piece, she made a vessel with pure pelsull...a wonderful wool in lovely heathered greys. This, along with the red c-1/pelsull, was the perfect compliment. Combined with Carmella's skill and you have a winning combo, as you can see! This wool is available at New England Felting Supply by special request (ask Vanessa!)

Eva above working away on her second pod with lots of resists inside :o)
Carmella gently fulling her vessel and some completed pods from the day before in the background.
They learned that ropes take at least an hour of rolling!
Eva's pod after some cutting...

We had such a nice time and I really enjoyed having them and making the connections. I will see Eva again in August while in Massachusetts and hope to see Carmella again too. It was also nice to actually BE in my studio after a change of focus the last couple of weeks.

Today I will have a bit of family time, tidy the studio and get ready to start some piece for a show. You know I will keep you posted!
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vilterietje said...

they made beautiful pods!
i learned that ropes need to be rolled a long time the hard way, by breaking a lot of them!
enjoy your weekend

Lynn Sponagle said...

These ladies needed lessons?! What wonderful creations .. amazing! I can see how your work inspired them.

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

I do enjoy teaching those with a little experience. I allows us to explore some more advanced things and 3D.

Ariane said...

Wow! Looks like it was a couple days of creative fun. The pods look amazing!!

Tracy said...

Lucky girls - beautiful pods ;)
I have been trying to email - but they are bouncing back? Seems to be only your emails, so I believe it's on your end....

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time to relax
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