Friday, June 22, 2012

What' new this week...

A more sedate palate than usual, as ordered ;o). These are done.

Midway through felting...some wild ones (my preference). I posted completed images later!

My week was all disjointed and I spent lots of time behind the wheel instead of the studio table. I installed my "Trees" at Modern Fuel. I am so pleased with them. I brought my Dad back the second day to reinforce the ceiling hooks as I was concerned if they got bumped during the opening that they might come down. The opening is Saturday, so will post some images. There were 50 submissions and 11 pieces of work made it in, so patting myself on the back. I look forward to meeting the curator.

In between all the driving, I managed to layout some scarves and actually completed 6 of them by working here and there for small amounts of time. They would dry out in between, so I would have to wet them out each time only to abandon them again! Ahh, the advantages of felt!

I usually relish a Saturday and not driving all over, but tomorrow I have things to do. First, they have beads on sale at Michael's, of course! Sunday I am very excited about taking an encaustics class. I'll keep you posted!

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time to relax
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