Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm back! Brrrrrrr!

Hello! I had an amazing time in Yellowknife. Such great folks, bragging rights for bearing the -41 degree cold (Yeah, you read correctly) Okay...to be fair we did get "up" to -15. I am talking the King of cold. The kind of cold that hurts and makes your bones ache. The kind of cold that covertly freezes your face and sneaks up on you...you try to speak only to discover you feel like you may have had a stroke because your face will not move and your words are slurred and you panic because you have a sudden realization you are at the mercy of the elements. A scary kind of vulnerability. It takes a certain kind of person to live in that environment. That said, the people I met were the kind of people that become life-long friends. Minnie, Pat, Donna are always welcome in my world...


ice, ice, baby. 4 feet thick. spectacular. 

Me on the ice road. Wearing felt hat. Still fucking cold.

The 2 women who pushed my rental car from the snow bank on the ice road. Yes,I'm a dolt.

I was lucky enough to have the best view in the city. from my apartment I could see all the activities on the ice road for the annual Long John Jamboree!

Wonderful white fish dinner with my new friend, Minnie. Caught ice fishing on Great Slave Lake. Bless those ice fisherpeople!!

too cold for me for me be on the ice with all the locals...fireworks from my window. Wine in hand!

on the ice road....not sure if this is a joke or not

Ice, ice, baby...spectacular...like crystal. A real moment of "Wow" for me!!!

A snow castle built by Tony, the Snow King. 19 years he has done this.

The most fabulous, delightful woman/artist/musician/student from Thunder Bay/ ticket taker. A real joy to meet. Loved her "Fish".

Art opening...Yellowknife style. My favourite statement began:" I have been making art for a while now."

Snow castle

Dinner at Bullocks. Pan fried Whitefish caught ice fishing in Great Slave Lake...certainly not by me, of course. Thanks, Pat!!!
...and the reason I was there! A fabulous PODS class  with great students!!!

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time to relax
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