Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pretty in Pink

 While in Portland, I purchased a heavenly long ribbon of soft pink cashmere roving. Truth be told, I am at heart a real girly-girl and what says decadence like cashmere...pink cashmere. This is from DHG in Italy and it is perfection.

The layout was 2 thin, perpendicular layers on the smooth side of my bubble wrap (no point concentrating on that perfect layout to have it swim between the bubbles!) It did about 15 inches wide and 8 feet long. Remember: the finer the layout the more the shrinkage (and wonderfully drapeable!)

 Rolled and felted for a while very carefully with thin plastic on top. Now slowly fulling by sliding back and forth on my surface. Sooo fragile...like wet tissue.
 I can pick it up and gently full now. A weird stage that feels like flat wet cardboard. it reminds me of Alpaca at this point and I was aware most people might think it is done at this point...so I keep going!!
 Wowsers. The cashmere produced gentle loops and is so soft a drapable. I am so pleased I fulled and fulled (gently...how many times have I said that word?)

 This image does not capture the correct colour, but shows the buttery folds. The following week one of my dear friends visited and it had her name all over it. I was so pleased for her to have it!

I have enough to make another so I need to work myself up to creating another one. It was labour intensive but really worth it!

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Monica Bennett said...

Beautiful, soft and luxurious. I'm assuming that you made the holes as a pattern, rather than them just appearing, yes? They add a wonderful interest and detail.

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Yes, Monica...not a single hole that was not intended. This surprised me as the layout was so thin. The key was very even layout and slow and gentle!!Rolling with plastic on top for a loooong time.

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