Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doing the Numbers

It is not often that I am the passenger on a trip to Toronto, so I had ample chance to doodle in my sketchbook and really think about my business path. My "job" as a professional artist has evolved in some unexpected ways. I have been very lucky that things have happened the way they have and that I am in demand as an artist and instructor. Yes, I have worked hard at this the last eight years and I am at a point where I am revisiting my business plan.

I have been balancing selling work, exhibitions and teaching in a "as it comes" manner and feel I need to create more intention in my path ahead. Whether this expectation of predictability is a practical idea, remains to be seen. My art career is kind of like a amoeba and always changing, shape based on my encounters and the reactions to my work.

I figured how much I need to bring in a month to cover my many expenses and then figured out how much I would like to "make" and put in the bank over and above that (to then somehow disappear into the abyss!) So, here I have this "number" (I have a contentious relationship with numbers) and I have the freedom to decide where I would like to place my energy to bring this in. While it may seem this would be scary, I find it exciting to have this goal and control. I jsut need to make some good stuff, teach some fun classes and hope the rest will fall into place!!

Today I will head into the studio and make a set of cuff and a collar for a collaboration piece with a knitter friend, Carolyn Barnett and a sample for another collaboration and finally begin a bag for a sample for my 3D class at New England Felting Supply!

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