Saturday, September 11, 2010

Student next week...

...from Argentina.
Well, if I am to expect my student to be representative of the images I view when searching 'Argentina' in Google images, I could be in for an interesting couple of days. Lots of shiny, tight bodies in thong bikinis (They are close to Brazil, I suppose), sweaty soccer players (once again, shiny), and bodies of water (more shimmery than shiny). In any case, I am looking forward to a visit from feltmaker, Julia Rossi, and wonder what she will want to do with her 2 days here. We will no doubt share some good wine and have a evening in the studio as she will camp on my sofa. I will practice my "Hola!" and dig up some shiny fibre to make her feel at home.

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Dawn said...

I love Julia's blog site...Been a long time reader of it (though I have to use google translate feature...thank goodness for that marvelous invention!) Would love to be a fly on the wall for your meeting...I can already feel the creativity flowing. Will look forward to reading more about it.



Hi, Andrea, you are a teacher of teachers for us...the argentina`s felt makers !!!!
Any years ago i take classes with julia Rossi ( a great teacher & artist ), and now i have my own style to can see our works in our blog, visit us !!
thanks for all you done !!!
Maru & Belen Pearce ( 2 sisters from argentina ) by Amalana Felt

GabaPir Fieltro said...

Hi Andrea!Im Gabriela Pirali from GABAPIR FIELTRO from Argentina and I gave my first steps in felting with Julia. I am one of your followers and i love your work, felting gives us the possibility to create with no limits.Here in Argentina felting is growing day by day, and theres a lot to learn!!! Guess you ll have a great time with Julia and here in Argentina we will all be waiting to hear from her this great experience she had learning with such great teachers in CANADA !!
Thanks for sharing !!!

Andrea Bustelo said...

Hello Andrea! Im Andrea Bustelo, from Uruguay.
You´ll see that Julia is an amazing woman, artist and teacher. I'm sure you're going to spend a wonderful time with the other.
Saludos para las dos!

Jet said...
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