Saturday, April 16, 2011


I returned from teaching for 4 days to have one day to unpack and re-pack for another 2 days of teaching. Next day on a field trip (wonderful salve for working mother guilt) and today in the pouring, cold rain watching soccer practice (more salve). Tomorrow involves a little more chauffeur-ing and preparing for teaching a one day workshop at my friend Maureen's place next week. We will be learning a couple of resist techniques I teach in my bags class..."channels and spores". I know our day will go by quickly so making some good samples tomorrow will help them maximize their creative time! I am looking forward to the small group at Maureen's home base.

I then will head into busy end of school year time, more field trips, away games, dance classes/recital, projects with visual aids forgotten until the last moment, final exams. I will fit in, at every moment possible, time to make art...salve for the busy mom!

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vilterietje said...

love the way you describe you're business:)
enjoy your week!

robinfelt said...
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robinfelt said...

I like the metaphor of salve. We need lots of it for many purposes. Thank you for the poignant reminders and the dedication to your work Andrea!

time to relax

time to relax
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