Friday, May 27, 2011


You may, or may not, recall a few posts back (pre-cape) that I was working on components for a large piece I was invited to submit in the form of a proposal. was accepted and will be completed for the show along with a second piece (actually a series of 3 sculptures), which was accepted as well. These will travel all the way to New Mexico.

The show, titles SEEDS 3, is a theme near and dear to me. No shock if you know my work. We must respect and protect our food sources and the exhibit has an educational aspect that makes me very happy to be invited as a participant. This is one of those exhibits that will cost me more than I could hope to make, but was top of the list of choices. You can view the blog about the show here SEEDS

There is a bit of history and information on the inspiration for the show and images of past work. I have the first piece planned out and in progress, the second collection is in sketch form and will be my reward for all the work. I will show a few images of the "in progress", but the final pieces will be posted once the show hangs!

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Are you curious about me? said...

Congratulations, it looks wonderful. I hope that the exhibition comes to the UK, maybe to Kew gardens, perhaps?

vilterietje said...


FeltersJourney said...

Congrats - exciting news!

Dawn Edwards said...

Congratulations Andrea on the acceptance of your proposal. And, yes, you would definitely be at the tops of any list related to seeds, pods, etc. Very well deserved honor.

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