Sunday, October 16, 2011


Hanging devices done on all 7 "Ghost Trees" ready to go to Detroit and hang from the 10 ft ceiling. Issue: No time/space to hang pieces for photography prior to delivery next week. I will need to hire a photographer in Detroit to shoot the piece and keep my fingers crossed. I am very particular how things look and, not only will the images be up in the air, but the installation is also. I do, however, trust the curator and gallery! The other piece, I made some attempt to shoot on my table and, well...not happy. I may be too tired, or unfocused, but will need to attempt again in the a.m.. I am very pleased with these pieces and, thanks to Anna Gunnarsdottir and her instruction, I am exploring some new shapes and ideas. I will try to shoot these on the floor tomorrow and will post images here and on my website. to Toronto for a swanky art "do", and deliver to the curator that will take the work on to Wayne State University.

Tomorrow will be spent wrapping the trees in sheets and pinning them to protect them a little, maybe finding something to stuff inside for transport, and photographing and boxing up the other piece. Oh, and making a stunning wrap to go with my little black dress for the event in Toronto. Oy!!

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vilterietje said...

aiaiaiaiai! what a lot of work! hope your creations will arrive safe and sound at the exhibition, succes:)

Dawn Edwards said...

Good morning Andrea,

Congratulations on all of the exhibits that you're taking part in. You do lead the most exciting life! Toronto, Detroit, little black dresses....And, here I sit in my ratty old bathrobe...Something's not right here;-)

Big hugs,

Loco Lindy said...

It's nice to see the "behind the scenes" detail of hanging hardware, can't wait to see these pieces in place! I'm with Dawn, I'm sitting here in ratty jeans imagining your life which I'm SURE is just always glamorous, right?!!!! (Somehow I do know better....)

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