Friday, February 10, 2012

What's new...

Pattycake (the name she came with)

One side of new little teapot. A bit of white glue on little fabric "cups" will dry clear...

A beret sample in a short fibre merino "Strata Batt". Only used 2 oz. on a 15 inch round resist
The fascinator...only .5 oz per side (can you believe?)

Other side of the teapot...way too sweet and precious to be my work, no? The spikes and stripes are me though...I was just having some fun with those flowers and had to get it out of my system :o)

Time has been passing so quickly and I have had some distractions. I adopted a 6 year old tabby kitty named "Pattycake" that now keeps me company in the studio and makes me so happy to have her purring nearby in her basket. of course, I must stop to pet her, feed her and make her felted cat toys that, thus far, she has has no interest in. I am the crazy cat lady waiting to happen.

I had a web student this week (a repeat offender ;o) to make a beret and a sculpted hat. In my effort to stay ahead of my student, I made a half-sized hat, which is now an adorable fascinator that I really do plan on wearing when I am feeling particularly brave. My good-sport husband was so kind to unofficially model...I might not have mentioned it would appear on my blog, but I think he knows me by now (like when he said we did not need another cat). Poor man...the things I make him endure.

My student this week (Hi Karen!) from Argentina wanted to add a flower to her beret, so I made a quick one to show her how to attach it...well, her flower inspired the flower for the fascinator...and then the wee teapot I made for my second piece to send to the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh. I used short fibre merino and it is a dream
I made both the hats from it also. Amazing colours, lightning fast felter and smooth finish. Of course, super fast felting is not always good depending on what you are doing. It is like anything, you need the right wool for the right job. I do love this wool (from New England Felting Supply) The beret is a strata batt with silk fibres for detail.

With the weekend ahead, I must assemble and felt together 46 squares, of varied feltedness, made by grade 8 students together to display next week. I have a student the beginning of the week, felting with a grade 6 class and a vessels, getting these all together must be done in the next 2 days. I was going to make a large piece of prefelt and attach them, but they have all already told me that they want their pieces back, which means cutting it again (which I have no problem with). So, some problem solving, and felting ahead.

I then have a few more pods to make for the Canadian Guild of Craft so I can get them all sent off. They look so cute in my studio, I know they will look amazing in their unbelievable gallery.
Well...isn't this a long post!! More to come....there always is. Thanks for checking in.

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Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Też miałam tak pięknego kota.
Świetne projekty tworzysz, nietypowe i niepowtarzalne.

Dawn Edwards said...

Oh, thanks so much for the chuckle Andrea, courtesy of your hubby. What a great sport he is to volunteer to model for you;-) I'm going to check with my husband and ask why he is not so helpful!!!

Hope you were able to check off all on your to-do list, and that your new kitty is keeping you purring along, too.

Karen said...

Hi Andrea, both your cat and teapot are lovely!!!! I am chuffed that I inspired you with my flowers!!! Your classes are really inspiring. The last couple of days I have been making a bolero syle jacket and you can imagine what I am looking to add to it right:))) you guessed... more flowers!!!! be back for another class shortly... Karen

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