Thursday, January 31, 2013

So Sari...

Sari silks recently purchased on Etsy...washed and hanging to dry

Already starting to visualize!
Patty making sure nothing blows away.
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Unknown said...

HI Andrea,

do you find that you have any bleeding on the sari silks?


Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Yes! The blues are reds are the worst. I wash them twice at least, rinse with vinegar. These ones smelled quite musty also, but are much better now. I find even new commercial silks (and wool, for that matter) can bleed as well. I have had to toss a silk or 2, but have had some good luck.

Ciumciawa said...

beautiful colors :-)

Fab Fiber Design said...

Beautiful silks! Do you have a favorite seller for your Sari silks, that you would be willing to share?

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

I just search sari silks on ebay/etsy and go from there. No favorites. It can be hit or miss. Avoid ones that are called "Art" silk. "Art" has nothing to do with is short for "artificial"!
I know from experience.

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time to relax
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