Sunday, January 27, 2013

Under Pressure

I just spent the last hour making cookies in effort to distract myself for a few moments. I have so much going on the the next few months (the next 24 months, actually) that I have been waffling between viewing the big picture and swinging my attention to the immediate tasks at hand. It can feel very overwhelming at times.

I struggle with not concerning myself with exhibitions a year from now while recognizing that the next few months for me are consumed with travel. I also have a very kind mentor who has lined up meetings with a couple of commercial galleries and I don't think they would be too interested in my scarf samples for my next class. Sooo, must make "Art". o.m.gosh. ... how do I do that again?? To do so while investing energies into teaching, travel, parenting and current work I need to create (teapot for Pittsburgh's Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery and work for my Connections fibre group show), the list makes me dizzy. Oh, I will do it. I love doing it all.

I will have immense anxiety and guilt as I leave town and fly away on a plane, yet will look down and remind myself how incredibly cool it is that there are people out there that want to learn from me and that there are people out there that like what I do. What I really wanna do is putter and make a bag (I love making bags!!!) but, think a simple pod is on the agenda. Materials on order, in spite of my promise to use what I have on-hand, will be a nice treat and source of inspiration...moving forward. I'll keep you posted <3>

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cedar said...

We all appreciate your contribution to the felting world, and the dedication you have to keeping it all happening....keep up the good work, and cookies:)

Loco Lindy said...

There are lots of us out here that love your work!

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time to relax
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