Sunday, September 29, 2013

Last day teaching today..Yay, .pictures!!!

 One of my students (thanks, Judith!) pointed out that I could put my memory card in my computer to download images. Duh!! I knew here we go for the images thus far. Above, of course, is the ferry! One of the many here to take lucky people from island to island.

Here I come, Salt Spring!
One of my pieces in the exhibition- Conjoined.

Another view of the exhibition. My white pieces on the wall won the Harmonique "Best 3D" work award.

A view of the cottage I am staying in with my dear friend and fellow feltmaker, Marjolein. Bird Song Cottage

Class #1! Vessels with 3D elements

A view from the village on Salt Spring. I really cannot do it justice.

Amy, working away in the only sunshine I have seen this trip.

Jan Smith is a relative first time feltmaker. She makes extraordinary metal/enamel jewelry!!!

Part of the crew...I had 12 students.

Yvonnes fish bowl!! There is a goldfish on the other side!

a lovely student who has primary done work on her own rather than the workshop thing, I could tell right away she knew what she was doing!

My remedial students...the slow pokes ;o)

My zippy rental car that I clearly need to learn how to park.
walk on the beach


even more treasures

...and a treasured friendship/kinship
More to work. 
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time to relax
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