Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This bag is made with one of my favorite wools for making bags...C-1/Pelsull. The locks on the front are from an enormous Icelandic fleece that I am going to make a big fleece rug from (yes, yes, I really am). I have ordered some leather handles from a vendor on Etsy. I think I cleared her out. It is difficult to find high quality leather handles at an affordable price. This one will have some textured chocolate brown handles and a fabulous leather magnetic flap closure. I'll so want to keep it. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Layout...the locks actually look a lot like my hair.

When I think of "shrinkage" I cannot help thinking of a Seinfeld episode. This, however is of a different variety. Check it. This bag was made with straight C-1 (and some odds and end for embellishment on the surface- wovens, corriedale, flax, yarn. Oh, and fish skin from Iceland stitched on the surface). The straight C-1 gets a bad rap sometimes, as it is slower to wet out and takes a little longer to felt. However, the end result is way worth it: tight, lustrous felt. I just used glycerin soap rather than olive oil, and warmish water. I fulled it tight by rolling and gently dropping (no slamming- maintaining control over my shape!). It's a good thing.
I must give my abraded hands a bit of a rest today. I stitched labels last night and will layout of a couple of cushion covers today as a bit of an experiment, perhaps. I also need to complete another piece for my "Seeds 3" exhibit. Several options. Kids to school, Facebook to peruse, you know I will keep you posted.

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KerryFelter said...

Hi, Andrea. I've made a handbag in that shape and I was wondering if you lined it? I suppose just below the handles...I live out in a rural area and it's hard to get workshops for these intermediate to advanced projects. I've not tried the C-1 Pelsull yet, so must have a look and order some to play with it!

Dawn Edwards said...

Andrea, I'm going to have to take issue with your post today! That wool does not look like your hair!!!! You have the most gorgeous hair. I'd look at yours each morning of the Fling and was a bit green with envy. Yours never looked messy or out of place. Then I'd catch a glimpse of mine...Which looked like a sheep that had been in a wrestling match and lost!!!

My apologies to the C-1 for apparently not giving it a fair shake...I am going to give it another try, be most patient, find a bar of glycerin soap, and think happy thoughts of the beautiful bag that you've created. Keep your fingers crossed...Will report back.


Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Hi Kerry. No, I do not line my bags.

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Oh, Dawn...You are so funny!

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time to relax
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