Saturday, September 3, 2011

What I did on Summer Vacation...

I feel a bit like a grade school child about to revisit, in essay form, the events that seem long past now that I am back in the drudgery of day to day (although, little drudgery exists here)
I have been back from the fabulous Felter's Fling for several days now and it seems like long ago already. The above piece will be sent out to BC for a show themed "Pentimento", hence the pieces of recycled bag cuttings on a new base...had fun with the, the saga of the past events in reverse/random/confusing order.

An absolute vision in Amish country as I escaped the thousands of cars moving slowly through the detour off route 90 in NY state. I ventured with trepidation as there were no cars and it seemed a bit surreal. I was certain with every turn in the valley I would reach a washed out road.
This is the stretch of road where I sat for 6, SIX, VI, hours! My entire drive was to be that long and it took me 14 hours. I topped up with gas and water at every opportunity. I made quite a dent in my book and also did some sketching and lots of thinking, which is a good thing after Fling.
I left Fling on Sat. night to stay with a dear, dear friend (she said she opened the "felter shelter") and we kept an eye on the sky. Sunday rained all day. Oh, then we lost power. So, what else were 2 feltmakers to do?

Felt by candlelight, of course. We opened wine early :o). we sipped and rubbed in between bailing out the sump pump.

Not sure why the random placement of this image, but another "Pentimento" piece in detail (? weird)
Ah, yes. Back to the saga. This is the end of my friends driveway. Lots of action followed the loud electrical buzz, zapp, poof.

The organizers and assistants that make Fling possible. I was assistant last year and was happy just to play this year!
some of the work from Anna Gunnarsdottir's class on display in the dining hall. many left early to beat the storm.
My awesome instructor, Anna. What a delight she was/is. Hoping to see her again.

Ah, more random placement. Self explanatory, no?

Now that I am safe home, I am in production for my shop in Toronto. Knocking out some scarves, hats and bags so I can move on to some show work for New Mexico and Detroit!

50% shrinkage, folks.
hand-dyed silk from NEFS.
The mornings at Fling begin with the a.m. stretch. I, however, begin the day by drinking coffee and watching the a.m. stretch.
Well, back to the studio. A blue beret awaits fulling. School begins soon, so my work day will be chopped in smaller increments which will involve some discipline with all the work I have ahead. You know I will keep you posted.

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vilterietje said...

well andrea, that was a fully filled holiday:)
hope you show us lots of your creativity during time to come!

Dawn Edwards said...

Good morning Andrea,

Love your new Pentimento pieces. I so enjoyed meeting you and also seeing some of your work in person ... Even more fantastic up close;-)

Hope our paths cross again soon.

Fiona said...

Hi Andrea- Love your new work...the rich colours in the pimento piece. Where will these be shown?
Also- I noticed the construction of your felting table- what did you use for the top surface? I've been looking at buying a stainless steel table for my work, but also wondering about building my own...Thanks!

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Hi Fiona,
My Dad made my tables for me. The big one (4 x 7ish)has a laminate surface and both are very heavy wood, counter top height. The other has a painted wood top, but is covered (stapled) with heavy plastic. I can use them separately or but them against one another in a variety of configurations so they are handy!I had the intention of covering them both in plastic, but like the laminate top. The edge is now peeling away from water, but no real damage. If I could change one thing, I would have the legs shorter and have a riser option. Think I may do this soon as it is more flexible for teaching/and or long hours at the table.

Fiona said...

Thanks, Andrea for all the tabe info. That's agood point to consider- having the option to change the table height. Time to decide! Thanks again!

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time to relax
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