Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's up

Purple beret ready for The Guild Shop...on fabulous hat stands made by my dad (thanks, Dad!)

Setting up to "shoot"
Green beret...

Well, I had hoped to head to Toronto this week to deliver work to The Guild Shop and have a good face to face chat with the manager about inventory and what-not, but my week is dissolving before my eyes and I realize it is a difficult time to try to miss a day in the studio. I have been quite impressed with myself as I have been very disciplined of late and on quite a roll. I even cleaned my house the other day. I kid not. Serious stuff going on here.

I have a juried show to enter this week and it has been so long since I have entered a juried show, that I had forgotten what a pain in the arse getting all the paperwork together is and trying to twist my brain to create a statement about a new piece. I have photographed the new piece and need to convert files, put on a disk and get it where it needs to be by Friday. Once the piece gets in...I mean IF the piece gets in I will post images of it then! Off to the studio to play! I need to begin on my piece for Detroit (10 foot tree trunks x 7, yikes), but think I will make one more wrap for Toronto...or maybe I will keep it to wear to a gala coming up :o)!

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Meagan said...

I would LOVE to attend the Wayne State show. Are you able to divulge the dates?

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Hi Meagan,
I know it is "November"! I must deliver work mid Oct., so am focused on that date! As soon as I have specific dates and date for the opening, I will post them. thanks!

Ginny Huber said...

lovely berets, strong and soft and colorful; Good.luck getting all the stuff out for the juried show; and if I get a vote-keep the wrap!!

vilterietje said...

oh (sigh) i love your berets very much! good luck with the juried show:)

Gerry Snape said...

I adore the berets! wonderful!

Julie said...

I just love the berets. I want to try a beret after the holidays. Minnesota weather is perfect for these.

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time to relax
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