Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I've been doin'...

Hey All,
"Stanley" by Susan Farber with piece made by me.

A revealing moment...

I had a wonderful couple of workshops over the weekend. I taught a one day vessels and a quicky-one-day PODS workshop. A very kind fellow fibre artist and friend organized them both and took care of all the painfull details, for which I an grateful! The students were fun and fabulous and made great things and I hope learned lots of exciting techniques. The weekend was followed by 2 days on the webcam with a student from California. Today I MUST make a couple of commission scarves as I have a full schedule ahead. A local school received a grant for me and a few other artists to come and teach and I will be with them for 3 days the beginning of the week. This is followed by a 2 day bags web class. Off I go, after I procrastinate just a bit more, to the studio. Oh, I really feel like a nap!

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Susan Farber said...

It was a great two days Andrea, thanks so much for sharing some of your vast knowledge of feltmaking with us. Hope to do it again soon.

time to relax

time to relax
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