Sunday, May 20, 2012

While on webcam...

 A quick vessel in a beautiful colour blend that I made while on-line by webcam with Kitty (Hi, Kitty!). So nice that I think I will make another! This one is about 16 inches tip to tip ($100 for anyone interested)

 My wonderful repeat webclass student and I made a little bag. Across the shoulder strap (I am waiting on my oval gate rings- better than the round for this bag) Nothing fancy, but very functional with a pocket inside and just the right size for change purse, passport and cell phone. Once the rings arrive, This will head out to a gallery...or maybe I'll keep it (I always say that!)

...and the back side.

The weather has been amazing! I have a huge case of spring fever and am looking forward to kids being done with school and spending long, uninterrupted days in the studio (No driving!). I have a few raw fleece and it could not be a better time to make some raw fleece rugs. If I do, I will be sure to document the process for you. I have a little one that needs to go to the mall (the absolute LAST place I want to be any day of the week!)  and perhaps on my return, the layout will begin! I have a carded batt of Tunis and a raw Tunis for the top. This I think will be the first. Oh, Now I am excited!! I'll keep you posted. Enjoy this fab weekend!

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Judah is a.... said...

Love the simplicity of the vessel!

time to relax

time to relax
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