Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ahh, the Converse All-Star

The week after next I am headed to Mass. for a couple of weeks for a workshop and Felters Fling, so preparing for September has become a priority...

School shopping with the brood today. All in a row tallest to shortest getting sized up and comparing how much their feet have grown in the 6 months since we last bought shoes. The eldest has passed his dad's size. The middle one- one size smaller than the youngest (although this is due to his freakishly long big toe).
The youngest spots the converse high tops and expresses an interest in the shoes that take me back to hanging out with my musician boyfriend and cruising in my VW bug convertible. "Really?!", I ask hoping he would consider these as a possibility! Once the red high tops were on his feet, my husband asked if he needed a rubber nose to go with them. Okay, he has big feet and red was perhaps not the best choice, although I totally give him props for not being afraid to be bold.
As he tried on the more sedate black high tops, I had a revelation... Ellen DeGeneres wears them (with whom I admittedly have a girl crush), I have seen other cool chics wear them (Sheryl Crow- okay *sigh* another girl crush)...they are just funky enough that I won't look like I am a pathetic 40 year old attempting to recapture my youth, but just funky enough that I can be stylin'. Sold...could not resist. So, here they are kickin' back in the grass. Feels good!

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Tracy said...

In my dreams I envisioned my summer 'look' this round...for shoots and day to day living. A black sundress - short short cap sleeve, slim bodice, flared out bottom, cut just below the knee...lots of funky jewelry & and a pair of black chuck taylors.

It never came to be....and I was ready to let it go. Your post just got it all stirred up again...Gotta do this one - I do. It's not too late. Thank You!

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time to relax
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