Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Again...Reboot

Land Art exercise

Me and Jeanette- all wrapped up in Anne's silk and wool wrap

Jeanette's "Quarry" technique

Karoliina at NEFS

I arrived home last night from an amazing 12 days of felting and friendship and lots of hard work. I began at New England Felting Supply with 2 days of plant dyeing and resist work with Karoliina Arvilommi and Roderick Welch. We stayed at Chris's place (Author of "Uniquely Felt"- the best felting book!) along with another friend and feltmaker, Loyce. Late nights and lots of fun and catching up! We then went to Snow Farm for 9 days of Felter's Fling. An amazing felting event very well organized by Sharon Costello. It was so fabulous to see many friends I have met over the years and connect with some of my favorite instructors, as well as meet new ones. I assisted Jeanette Sendler (Scotland) and a bit with Rod a Karo (Finland) and had the chance to spend lots more time with them especially. I also really enjoyed getting to know Lisa Klakulak ( North Carolina- hugely talented artist) and Liz Clay (England) and Myfanwy Sterling (Australia) whom I have already met, but made a futher connection...always fun. Crazy fashion show and some really inspiring work by everyone.

Being gone more than a week was different as you almost get used to being away and on your own. I have always wondered how a parent can leave for long periods of time and not be completely falling apart. I sort of get it...I had totally turned of my "mommy" drive and I am still rebooting that system. Sounds awful, but it must be a mental self-preservation defense. So glad to be home with my wonderful family. I hit the ground running with High school orientation today for my oldest and grocery shopping to get ready for the start of school tomorrow.

I will spend a couple of days getting Acorn's Journey orders sent and emails returned. I found out while away that I did not get into the final stage at Cheongju. I hate even writing that. Makes me want to cry and I am left feeling so insecure about my work. Such pitfalls when we truly put ourselves "out there". Sucks. In any case, I have other things on the go. I have 3 more travel things this year. One close by, one by the sea in Quebec in Sept. and then in Massachsetts again in October. I can then concentrate on my solo exhibition in March when the travel then starts all over again. When will the maddness stop?!

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Ginga Squid said...

That sucks. But don't feel insecure about your work because your work ROCKS! I love your pieces - they are seriously fabulous and amazing.

You never really know why some work is chosen and other amazing pieces are not. Art is so subjective - thats why it causes so many highs and lows I reckon.

Your work is amazing and you are SO talented.

dawn said...

Welcome home! What a whirlwind of glorious felting activity, and then right back and into the swing of things at home.

Thank you for sharing both your successes and disappointments with us...We all have them. Granted, the successes are always more fun. And, I agree with "Ginga",about the subjectivity of art. You have nothing to worry about...Your work is utterly amazing!

Hope you're able to get some much needed rest.

Take care,

Andrea Graham- Feltmaker said...

Thanks, women! :o)

time to relax

time to relax
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