Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Back! Some of my wonderful students' work to see...

A new felting fanatic, Christina, working on dimension in Dimensional Landscapes
A piece by Susan Schwartz in progress. Ribbon on her tree gave an fabulous interesting texture!
Betty added dimensional flowers...very nice.
I'm in love with Lela's windswept tree!
This tree was felted very firm with wonderful technique! I see the creators face, but can't recall her name (Marsha?) Let me know if you know!
Nan had a great "roadmap" to start with and was adding dimension with rocks, trees and waterfall.
Rita's winter scene holds special meaning for her. Sorry I could not display it right side up! So nice with the snow on the tree. Made in Painting with wool.
A lovely piece in progress in Painting with wool. I love the water rushing on the rocks.
Marlene's wonderful birds on the beach in Dimensional Landscapes
Becky's stunning piece in Painting with wool. She has a great eye.
Lisa- working on some underwater rocks and cliff in Dimensional Landscapes!

I am now back after a week in Wisconsin at the Midwest Felting Symposium. I taught 2 days of figures, painting with wool and 2 days of Dimensional Landscapes. I am going to add some pictures here of works in progress for you to have a peek. Some of these students are very new to felting and some not, but everyone had great piece evolve from nothing more that wool fibre, elbow grease and lots of creativity. You were all wonderful students! I hope I see everyone next year and lots of new people too.

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