Friday, August 7, 2009

Reality Bites (kind of)

Okay, 4 days at an all emersive "lockdown" with amazing creative people, now friends, who I can't wait to connect with again! Three days home preparing. One week in an all emersive teaching engagement in Wisconsin with wonderful, eager students and fabulous instuctors, whom I worship.

I have been home now 4 days (the first day slothing) and the reality of work I need to be doing in the studio has begun to hit me. I am relieved that my next trip will be a learning trip for me-no teaching- so little prep, but I am faced with September art deadlines that must be addressed in the next 7 days (7 days...are you kidding me?! to start, finish, photograph and send out images?!)

I need to take a serious look at my files and set some proirities. One juried exhibition, in particular, must take priority: Ontario Craft '09. The biennial juried exhibtion for the Ontario Crafts Council. I was in '07 year and feel I want to be in this year!! I also must decide on a solo exhibition for March. There was a cancellation and I have the chance to move up by a year. This means no other distractions after November and working exclusively on a body of work for the show. The prospect of this gets my juices flowing and I think fate is stepping in and telling me to go for it. I will contact my fabulous grant writting woman, Lindsey, to see if a grant is possible for this.

I think other matters were proposals for teaching, but I am getting so booked that I don't need to do so now. I was thinking of Edmonton in June, but have now been booked for a group during that time. No proposals to write (bonus!) and I am booked 5 days at my rate, no compromises. Feels good!

Well, once my teenage sons birthday festivities have ended this weekend, I am studio bound...meeting deadlines, filling up my book and headed to the neglected studio...see how sad it looks!

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time to relax
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