Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where Am I?: Taking Inventory

Location: Italy Date taken:1940 Photographer:Carl Mydans

I have spent very little time in the studio since I have been home. With my eldest sons birthday, taking the young one to camp and catching up with the "business" part of being a professional artist, I am feeling like the "art" is not getting done.

I have decided that rather than giving myself a hard time about the art I am not making, I am going to review all the art that is out there or the ground work laid...

1. Solo show in the works in being booked- calling tomorrow to hopefully confirm
2. Piece "Adaptations" send to Cheongju, South Korea for stage II jury. Just waiting (anxiously)
3. Work (3 pieces) sent to Colorado for international, inviational group exhibition "NeoFelt"
4. Piece "Colony" ready to send to Toronto for "Spark" auction (must finish 2 more-but we aren't counting those right now, are we?)
5. Booking in the last remaining teaching spot for 2010
6. Niche Award applied for
7. Fibreart International entered-pending
8. 2 pieces touring with Masterworks East- one more destination-Ottawa

Hey, not bad.
Okay, I feel better now. These are all things where everything is largely done. Yes, I have lots to do before Wednesday and I have to give myself permission to not get everything done, look at all the things I have out the in the universe and just take things one day at a time....

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time to relax
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