Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lost Sleep...felting dreams

I go through these crazy phases often when I have work laid out on my table. I find it hard to get to sleep and if I wake up at any point in the night, I can forget about getting back to sleep. My head is swimming with ideas and my tummy churning with concerns for upcoming teaching engagements. I woke up this morning (4 a.m.) and I was dreaming I was spinning with a drop spindle...something I have never done and didn't think I wanted to do. I got up and went through my calls for entry file and my teaching file and my exhibition file and assured myself that I can only be concerned about my next event and need to put the others out of my mind until my calendar tells me I need to think about them! I am now strictly making pillows and pods to prepare to teach them and have the added benefit of having them to sell on the studio tour, or wherever. I made one last night and today and I am getting the process I am going to teach nailed down. I have also booked a private lesson in Montreal in September with hopefully more. I love Montreal and will gladly break my fall/winter teaching break to see students there. Well, Kettle is boiling and I am going to set up another pillow to keep the ball rolling! Hope I have sweet dreams!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 different directions!

Lots going on! I have made a submission to a juried exhibition in Korea that will then travel (This is a biggie and I'm not sure of my chances!) I have submitted my newest piece titled '"Adaptations", which I I most of the time feel about the most recent piece. My Dad has made the hanging device (he turns 71 today...Happy Birthday, Dad!). He has actually made 3, so I have 2 more in my head ready to roll! I have sent my information to a fine contemporary craft gallery in Ottawa. I have sent proposals to the Union Gallery for a solo exhibition and have another I should write today and get out for a small gallery space in Ottawa that would be great for my work. I also have the local juried arts salon, which I always enter. Those things as well as planning for Mass. in a few weeks. I am really getting the itch to hit the road. I was looking at my pictures from Holland last night and want to go back so much! I loved being there. Well, Tuscany is next year and I just hope the dates do not conflict with a workshop I have booked with a guest artist coming here!

time to relax

time to relax
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