Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Filling Fast

I have a couple of local workshops scheduled after not teaching much locally for a couple of years and they are filling fast. They are:

Vessels- September 26 in Odessa, Ontario- this is a 3d resist class where you will learn how to make a vessel shape on a resist, add surface design and a few tricks. $80 + $20 materials + $13 HST = $113

Bags- October 16 & 17- an intermediate/advanced felting class (if you are a new felter, you could take the vessels class first to warm up-the expectation that I do not need to explain how to layout wool and the why wool felts stuff). If you are not sure regarding your skill, just give me a call and we can chat. Once again, a 3d resist class. You will learn how to make a variety of handles, including incorporated with the bag, many surface design options and 3d elements. These techniques can be used in many ways. $150 + $30 materials + $23.40 HST= $203.40

Payment must be received to register along with email address that I can send equipment info to. Email me if you are sending a cheque so I can add you to my list! Mail to Box #449 Shane Street, Odessa, Ontario K0H2H0

Also I am teaching in the Waterloo area at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery on October 9th, Wet Felting Basics. Please contact the Ontario Crafts Council for registration.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Stuff


Front of new bag- c1/pellsul with harrisville wool details.

back of bag...handle not made yet.

I have been having such fun, just making what I feel like making and knowing I will have a home for it. This is the advantage of having fabulous galleries that are willing to blindly accept a box with my name on the return label, put in on their shelves and sell my stuff! I just made another bag that I love. I always love the last one made the best.
OH, and "edward"...funny story (not really, but bear with me), I had made some shapes to make some pods, but was inspired by the colours of the short fibre merino and he just evolved. Oh, how I looove this wool. Super smooth surface. Excellent for wet felted jewelry or vessels. You can get it here: New England Felting Supply I bought some full and half batts, but I also have some of the freaking fabulous sample kits with a bit of each colour which is super for small stuff and to get to see all the yummy colours. I am hooked. "edward" was my prototype (and was claimed prior to completion by my youngest) and now there will be lots of bugs to felt and appear on gallery shelves. At least, that is what I am having fun with today.
I will make a strap for the new bag and may have to either make it my own or felt another one quick that I will like better. No wonder I rarely have anything felted to wear! Such a vicious cycle!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As Promised...

C1/pelsull...ate up my design a bit when fulled down tight, but still nice

Corriedale-romney cross...looks really nice on.

C1/Pelsull prefelt and all.

Nice soft bag-Corriedale Romney X...

Just some bags I have been playing with for the OCC Guild Shop in Toronto. Just been having fun with design and colour. More to come...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bitter Sweet

Hi All. I have been felting, yes. I came up yesterday from the studio to get my camera to take pictures for you, got side tracked and returned to the studio an hour later forgetting why I had gone upstairs in the first place. Such is my life. I have the strap for a final bag awaiting attention and decoration and it will be completed tonight (I get butterflies thinking about it- so crazy)

Yesterday my wonderful husband and (equally) wonderful brother-in-law brought by a new van for me to consider. Way beyond what I need...I just need something to get me through the next 8-10 years carting around my man-children and then I will be driving a small, gas efficient, little bomber that says "look at that crazy lady" (complete with a dog and his flapping jowls hanging out the window.)

That being said, the van was very nice, and what I will end up with-who knows. I will leave these serious financial matters to the holder of the big-purchase-purse-strings. I am the holder of the should-we-go-to-the-movies purse-strings.! I cleaned out my current ride, aka "rusty" (creative name, huh), and felt a bit nostalgic thinking of all the toppled ice cream cones, powdered donut sugar and ground in goldfishy crackers. I love my bumper sticker collection, a bit o' Einstein, telling the world I "eat, sleep, felt" and buy local. The nostalgia was fleeting however as I relished in the freedom a reliable vehicle promises, the fresh start, a new beginning...and a new collection of bumper stickers :o)

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catching up!

So sorry I have not posted in a bit! It is not because I have not been felting, because I have, I promise...just not anything exciting enough to shoot in process and share. I made an attempt at a throw/baby blanket for a friend and kind of did not commit to one or the other, so it ended up neither and will end up in my prefelt bin for incorporation in another piece, another time.

I also made a great little red and purple bag for the gallery that I will photograph and post before it gets sent out to the world. I currently have some magenta set up ready to wet-out to make some pre-felt for another bag design I have sketched. I was out with the boys at the "nerd store" on friday night while they played the card game they play and spent the time sketching. Very productive evening.

Today we went to the local country fair: bumper cars, poultry judging (some crazy looking chickens!) and the scrambler. What summer would be complete without it. We then went out the family cottage and had a BBQ and a quick dip. Early to bed, early to rise, for tomorrow, I felt!!

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nice New Bag

Pretty new bag



laying on top of the resist. See the shrinkage?! I am thinking about 40%


I made this nice bag yesterday. I had bought some corriedale/romney from a student in Sasatchewan, and thought it wold be nice for a soft bag. This is the result. It is a nice size at about 12 x 20. I think I will ned to add a zipper for the top if I plan on sending this to the Ontario Crafts Council. Not sure what today holds, but you know I will keep you posted!

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Rug

Finished Rug 3 feet x 5 feet finished

Almost done. Still fulling

Looking like road-kill in my sink

Friggin' stubborn wool

Wetting out

All laid out, before wet down.

Layout in progress

bags of fleece

There was recent discussion on my "feltlist" about felting a raw fleece ("raw" meaning as it is, sheered off the sheep) and I had purchased 2 fleece for the purpose of doing this. Nice little lamb fleece from the farmer up the road with Icelandic/Romney. They have been in my garage since the spring.

I laid out a base of batt from some wool from the same flock that I had processed locally. I chose one that I had the most of: a steely, lusterous grey that really felt quite "romney". I knew this could mean I was in for a long felt, but decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a dance.

I threw a layer of merino between 2 thin layers for the base hoping this would assist in the wet out. Well, wetting out seemed to go well on the surface, but I knew better. On the underside I had several very stubborn areas that no matter what I hit it with , it was this wiry wool that would not wet out and was pissing me off! You can see in the pictures the area that appears to just be loose fibres. My Mom dropped by at this point, as poopy sheep water was running into puddles on my floor. She asked, "So, what do you do?". I told her, that I just had to keep going. So, I added a whole bar of glycerine soap and did a ton of rubbing and began to full even when those areas were still very loose. I knew they would come together...and they did, in spite of my rotten attitude.

I laid it out in the sun to dry (and had to cuddle up on it in the warm sun for a moment) after lots of rinsing and it now resides on the floor of my youngest sons room. He says the pattern looks like a Satyr and I think it has found a good home. My pool covers and screens were given a serious rinse outside with the hose to rid them of gunk.
While my first thought was "I'm not doing that again", I think I will, however differently. First, I will do this outside. Second I will make a base of a different breed of wool. For this one, I really wanted it all local. I will also choose a fleece from the farmer that has more of the icelandic qualities 'cause I really like the hairy spots. I was nice just to felt...not for a show, not for a gallery, but just to play. Gotta love summer vacation. You know I love my job when I choose to felt while on vacation!
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time to relax
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