Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's New

My Bubble Wrap delivery!

Finished bag...cute outer pocket.

New bag

Check the shrinkage!

Prior to felting...

Not sure why my days have been so short. I could have used that extra hour every day (and then some). I shipped out lots of work to the guild shop and have made another "Urban Monster" (Yoga Monster) I will post images of her on the next post. I did make the above bag over the last couple of days and was playing with a different design to shake things up and keep life interesting, because, you know, life is never interesting (yes, sarcasim). I really like it. It is very wearable and functional with pockets in and out. It is c-1/Pelsull and the top layer is corriedale. I am oddly attached to this one, perhaps it will remain mine or it will be gifted to someone special.
I am getting materials and equipment ready for my artist in residency and received my roll of bubble wrap today! Glad it is not raining!

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Urban Monsters

I have been playing between wet felting! After the great reception (and subsequent sale, I might add), of all my "standard garden bugs" at the OCC Guild Shop, I have now created 2 (so far) "Urban Monsters". You know, those monsters you see at the subway stop. Mom monsters, salesman monsters, student You say you don't see them? Really?

These guys are in a box on the way to the OCC guild shop and a couple more will follow.

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Shipping out...

Copper and teal clutch bag. I really like these colours together.
Lay out

Spiky creture bag


I feel like it has taken me forever, but I have just shipped an almost complete order out to The Guild Shop in Toronto located in swanky Yorkville. Go ahead, say "swanky", you know you want to! I say "incomplete" because I still need to make half a dozen bags. Rather than having the rest of them sit here, they may as well be on display, especially given the season. I have posted a few pictures here of 2 of the bags in progess and complete.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Workshop Announcement!

Yes! Finally...I have scheduled a "Pods" workshop at NEFS (New England Felting Supply in Northhampton, Massachusetts!). Details are being finalized, but I am sure they would love to hear from you if you are interested! I will also be teaching a fabulous bags class with 3D elements, like I taught last year and back in October here in Ontario.

I have been busy cranking out the scarves and making fun bags. I just love to play with the forms and shapes and can't wait to be in the studio this weekend uninterrupted by my driving duties!

I will also be thinking about an upcoming invitational show that I will be part of at the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery in Pittsburgh (I love Pittsburgh!). Get is a teapot show. I had a feeling I would be invited and had actually done some sketches back in the summer. I have a great design and I'm ready to play. It will most definitely be fabulously non-functional.

I also need to decide how badly I want to enter the annual juried show at the Tom Thomson Gallery. I won the big award a couple of years back and have entered since, but with gallery production in full swing, not sure what I have in my reserve to create this week to mail by week end. Maybe I will surprise myself!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Artprenuer Conference"

Darrell Dennis (writer, comedian, actor, CBC guy, and speaker with me on the arts panel)

Yesterday, I took the trek to the metropolis of Cornwall, Ontario to speak at the Artprenuer Conference. The panel I was asked to be part of was 9 artists and performers speaking for a couple of hours. It was really interesting to hear all the stories and get the perspectives from some talented, successful artists. We then had a little wine and cheese and I headed home.

I have lots of art things on my plate, but my house and creative environment has been neglected, so I have spent the day performing mundane household duties and picking up my organic chickens at the farm (dead... frozen tighter than cannon balls). I had to remove wool from my freezer to make space, so need to tackle my raw tunis fleece, in particular.

I also needed to order $800 of wool to maintain my wholesale status with one of my suppliers. So, over 25 kilos of wool ordered, and I am wondering how the hell I am going to make space. I think another shelf will be required. I am back in the studio tomorrow, so will keep you posted.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Production mode

Not exactly planned production, but how it has turned out! A gallery where I show in neighbouring Belleville has added a gallery shop, the OCC guild shop has asked for a ton more stuff and another local-ish gallery is another new addition. So, between the three of them, I have been busy making scarves, bags and hats....when I did not think I really made scarves bags and hats. Oh, the irony.

Once I finish this holiday season "production" madness, I really look forward to getting back to completely frivolous, non-functional, won't match your sofa Art! I have a call for entry for the end of the month and an invitational exhibit in Pittsburgh that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into!

Tomorrow I head to Cornwall to attend the Artrepeneur Conference where I will be speaking as part of an artists panel. I agreed because one of my favorite public radio guys will be on the panel too. Promised my son an autograph. Big salad for lunch and now time to see what I can get laid out in the next hour before I switch hats!

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time to relax
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