Wednesday, March 28, 2012


New piece "Attachiamenta"

The blue and orange ones are new (as I sold the other ones!) I have titled this
"Familia Curiosus"

"Attachiamenta" detail

I knew my work day would be short today due to lots of driving here and there for the family, so I had enough time to tidy up my long felting day yesterday and photograph the results. I also got both pieces submitted for a juried show. Not a felt show...not a fibre show, but a local show for our arts council. I have, in the past, been the only "fibre". Thanks okay! We have lots of amazing artists and lasts year's show was really good. It's nice to get something started and finished. I have other things to tackle, but the remainder of my week is largely committed with teaching the end of the week and kiddo science fair tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Juried enter or not to enter?

I have neglected the practice lately, but in the past I have kept a "call for entry file'. When I came across a show that sounded interesting, I would print off the submission info, put it in the file and write on the outside of the file the show and deadline. In my day book, I would give myself ample warning to prepare work, photograph and complete the submission (mail etc.). The prep stuff always takes way longer than planned with renaming files, checking discs, getting things emailed/mailed, writing a statement...

Dates would often come and go without completing the entry, but it was a good practice to have and the ones that were important to me were entered. Also, shows that were a good "fit" for work I already had hanging around were easy to apply for, but always considering the costs associated with a show and the benefit to be had. Shows in prestigious venues, big prize money, shipping paid if accepted, always made more sense than others. Always aim big. It's like dressing for the job you want rather than the job you have. Ask for feedback and don't take rejection personally (hard one, I know). Some shows you may be rejected for a couple of years and then you get lucky. It is a subjective process. I have been known to do a bit of research on the jurors. I look at their work or interests and may gear what I enter based on that if I happen to have something that fits their aesthetic.

This subject had come up for me because I have been fortunate to be busy enough with invitational shows, submitting proposals when I have a show idea, and teaching, that I have not even been looking for juried shows. I have however, for years always entered my local Arts Council's show. We have many talented local artists and I have been in very good company. I have debated if I should enter, but after so many years, I think I may lament not being in...but then there is always the fear that I won't get in! It does not matter what stage you are at, how many times you are published or what grants and accolades you receive, there is always that uncertainty! I will keep you posted....

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bones, hair and pussy willows...

I cleared off my desk today and created a stack of items to take down to the studio...A raccoon skull, a bunch of pussy willows from a student, and the hair I had cut off last week awaiting it's incorporation in a piece.

The opening for "I AM WATER" was jammed packed with people spilling out into the street. These images were taken at the end of the evening once things had thinned out.

When the gallery was crowded, all I could see where the tops of my piece, occasionally spinning as people tried to navigate through! Oooopp. Opening was a great success...

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Monday, March 19, 2012

bag...felting, fulling, finishing.

Ta Da.
Handle selection- beautiful deep red rolled leather handle by JUL

Final part of fulling (above) (took about an 1 -1.5 hour)


starting to rub (rubbed a couple of hours)
What are those wee bumps, you ask? Ahh, pom poms between the wool and silk!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

ETSY news...

I had a lovely student on Friday to make PODS (Hi Kitty!) and we had a discussion about ETSY. I have been an ETSY member since 2007 and shop there often (too often!) for wonderful handmade work (I am a sucker for fabulous jewelry!!)

I think I had really thought it was perhaps not my market, but after Kitty kindly purchased a piece from me, I realized I needed to give it a try. I often have a few pieces here that I wait for a bit of an accumulation before I decide what work to send to what gallery. I may as well list a few things prior to transit and unlist them as they become unavailable or produce new work if they sell. Makes sense, no? Well, of course it does :o). In any case, I have listed the pods (minus the blue one- which is my favourite!- as it will have a new home with Kitty)

The individual images aren't great, so I will edit as I re-shoot tomorrow. I have a new bag laid out on the table. It will be a "tote" design with lots of silk and texture in a rich brown with a zipper closure. I will take pictures as I work tomorrow and keep you posted. In the meantime, peruse ETSY! If you are looking for moi, I am here

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New little collection....

So fun...

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Friday, March 9, 2012

What's New...

I am itching to get in the studio today, but wanted to check in with you all first. Yesterday I did not get into the studio until 11. I had wool and design all laid out for a bag before I taught last weekend and it has been waiting to be wet out and felted. I managed to get this done yesterday quite quickly- 3 hours. Having the layout all ready meant no meandering and pauses for contemplation, just the "work".

I am sorry I don't have process images of this one as it was done late one night while I was watching cheesy t.v. (sad, but true). I will add a zipper to this one as it does not have a full flap and it is not super deep. I toyed with a few straps and was not in the mood to sew, so grommets won. Now that I have them figured out, grommets no longer frighten me.

(sorry for the flashy, link- text- thing going on here...can't figure out what I have done. Ignore)

I also want to remind you all of my Web teaching. You don't need groceries next week, your legs can wait to be waxed (It's only March, after all). Your kids are good enough at piano (they hate it anyway). So, why not? Yes, I jest...but I have decided to make this on-going as it is so successful and a way better experience than I anticipated. If you are interested in information, let me know by email and I will send the details to you. You do not need to be tech savvy, just own a webcam (or your lap top webcam).

Well, I am going to add the images and get into the studio. Can't wait (either can Pattycake. She has been staring at me waiting in wait, I think she is mocking me)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Workshop News!

Hi! A local friend and fellow fibre artist, Susan Farber, has booked me to teach a one day pods class (May 6th) and a one day vessels class (May 5th) here in my area in Ontario, Canada. Details below!!

MAY 6Th at the Odessa Fairground Hall
registration, cost and questions, email Susan at:

PODS: Participants will create solid felted form sculpture or a series of sculptures with various dimensional surface design elements using a combination of needle and wet felting techniques. We will discuss, plan, construct, and felt. Students should come prepared with sketch book, several images of inspiring 3 dimensional form, and a sense of adventure! Beginner friendly, but more than enough the challenge the experienced feltmaker.

May 5th at the Odessa Fairground Hall
registration, cost and questions, email Susan at:

Vessels: Participants will create a hollow three dimensional form in handmade felt using a “resist” technique. Beginner friendly, but enough to challenge others who can add multiple resists or 3d elements

Space will be limited, so register ASAP. I am sure Susan will appreciate it! Hope to see you there!


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time to relax
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