Thursday, February 21, 2013

New work...

In between teaching/travel teaching/webcam teaching and producing work for my regular galleries, I have been working on pieces for my "big January show", as I seem to be referring to it as! (I actually have 2, but one space will be an installation only, the "big" show is a huge space that will have to be lots of stuff!)

Lots of ideas in my sketch book. Just a sample of what will come...

felted and ready to cut

My inspiration was an image of a carved wooden piece of art by George Peterson

I was guinea pig sitting for my son while I worked.  Meet "Scooter"
Cuts done and time to finish
Still drying

A closer look
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Whirl Wind Weekend

This weekend went by in a flash. I planned. I made lists. I packed and anticipated....and now it is done! I have a lovely friend, Susan, who is such an easy-going, kind soul. She serves as the go-between for registrations and payment and rounds up people from gosh- knows- where to come to our little village to felt. she asks very little in return (okay, she asks for nothing!) and makes everything run smooth as firmly felted short fibre merino so I can concentrate on the students and the teaching. I am sooo lucky! Her husband even came to fold up tables and help me load up! THANK YOU!

I also had the most amazing students. So warm and eager. Not a complainer in the bunch and I enjoyed getting to know my repeat students even better and truly hope that the new ones will come back to see me.

Saturday was the heavy day with lots of physicality. One day for sculpted hats IS doable, but not for the lazy and I had a great group that made great hats and trusted in me that: those holes would disappear, it would fit, it would all stick, and they would just need to rub a little bit longer. Thanks for trusting, ladies.

Day two began with the knowledge that I had a group of hard workers, so many options were given...and taken...with some lovely results. I managed to photograph a few, but missed others (sorry!) Will you trust me when I say they were all a success and looked amazing? Of course you will ;o). Silk was flying, wool was felting, texture was happening. It was all good.

So here I sit, my van still packed (will address tomorrow), with a glass of wine (thanks to Susan...can you believe my good fortune?!) with tired feet. The studio will take a couple of days to reassemble and then I am back to work. I will keep you posted.Until then, enjoy the images!

Susan's Sculpted hat.

Shoshanna and Hoki. Great vibrant colour on black!

The crew minus one!

My lovely young scarf student with a stunning lattice on silk. So sweet on her!! She is like a beautiful china doll!

Simple hat with "Spinach Linguine" scarf...or was it  the "Seaweed Scarf"?

worn by the maker, Sheila. So great!

My right hand, Susan. rich browns and deep purple!

My new Francophone friend, Marianne. We speak "felt"

Lovely circular element was her favourite part!

...and the most lovely handmade gift. So much work...and with another delicious treasure. Merci Beaucoup!!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

New work...

A snow day was thrust upon us and in spite of having three boys at home, I spent the entire day in the studio. It is possible, however, that the entire day was spent in the studio because all three boys were home ;o) I have been amassing sketches and not short of inspiration, I just decided to "make". My work tends to evolve away from the sketches sometimes and I just go with the creative flow. I will make a few of these that will hang together and be part of one of my shows in January.

getting started...


Patty is creeping close and got yelled at

Adding some colour to my sketch to help decide

Patty sleeping...what a nut

The completed piece be finished and photographed later. 

Like these 2D pieces with 3 dimensio...more to come.

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time to relax

time to relax
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