Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday- working day

Did a needle work show today for my Education business, Acorn's Journey. Sold some wool and lots of Chris White's book. Met some interesting women and have a long list for workshop requests. I will arrange some soon...the need is obviously there and I am skeptical of all these "instructors" who are popping up teaching felting which is really fuzzy wool half-attached to a piece of silk. Do I sound snooty? Sorry (not really) very un-Canadian of me! I anticipate setting up dates for a needle felted figure workshop soon and a nuno scarf workshop in the Fall. I love to teach...don't love time away from my boys...balance is the key, I suppose...time to read to the little one...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally a "normal" day

Monday, April 21, 2008


My silk and wool came out of the dye pot and will be added to my stash. The wool that I did a little shibori on and shape set did not turn out exactly the way I had planned but still will be used for something. I now know what I need to do! Today one child was sick so we spent the day felting today but lots of ideas mulling about and in my sketch book. I have a studio tour the weekend after next so need to round up my odds and ends to see what I will hang. I have a felted figure on ebay right now that is doing well so this is a good thing! I have a love/hate thing with ebay. It is a great way for me to generate some money but I feel a bit cheesy. I will try etsy next. I have an account but just haven't listed anything there yet. Soon. Okay, kids have emptied the dishwasher and their lunch packs and are playing basketball before they have there daily one hour of screen time. My meal plan says "meatloaf" so, meatloaf it is...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunny Day

It's a beautiful day today. One child is making stop motion animation on the computer with the digital camera, one is napping on the sofa (sick) and the other is going back and forth between basketball and making clay sculptures. I am sitting and tying up some felt for shibori. I need to figure out what else to throw into the pot. I haven't done any dying since the fall so I have to read some stuff. I know it is not rocket science but, ya' know! I have a Canadian juried show in mind for this piece. Had a gallery situation that was resolved after way too much drama that was handled in a much too complicated manner with way too many people involved. I voiced the situation on the felt list and had a few less-than-friendly comments that really added insult to injury that day. Days like that and I just wonder why the heck I try so hard. It is resolved but I worry about lingering bad feelings. Anyway, water under the bridge for I am going to enjoy this gorgeous sunny day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back from Massachusetts

I am home from Massachusetts and have caught my breath after a busy 2 weeks. The washing machine is repaired and being stranded at home waiting for them to fix it was a blessing. After a bit of spring cleaning I can now look ahead to some time in the studio. I have a gallery meeting tomorrow (I was just called-don't know about what yet) and am volunteering at the boys school in the afternoon in my 10 year olds class. I had such a fabulous visit with Chris White. Honestly, she is an angel on earth, that woman. Her store is fabulous and if you need felting supplies you just must check out her place or go on line to her New England Felting Supply. I came home with some plant dyed organic finn, some churro locks and some C-1 blend to play with . Chris and I also conducted a little washing machine experiment that left us laughing so hard I could not breath...needless to say it will not be shared! I saw on a link that Chris is a felting "Sorceress". This is a fitting title as she treats felting like it. My students made wonderful things and I hope they continue as there was some real talent there. Fabulous job, women. I hope they keep in touch. I did check out my current show and I am not as displeased as I thought I would be with where and how my pieces were hung. I have also had some wonderful feedback and a sale so it can't be all bad. Well, time to read stories.

time to relax

time to relax
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