Friday, July 18, 2014

My day in the spotlight and...production time.

A quick cold drink and script review

 Early this week I traveled to Toronto to shoot a video for a company called WorkInCulture
for their YouTube Channel (estimate posting-September) Karen  and Susan, my contacts there, are so  great and are ready to take on some serious work on behalf of us Canadian artists that contribute so much. Being an artist is not for sissies. I am not kidding when I say it takes diversity in our practice to make being a professional artist work.

I am not a T.V. star...I have pretended on occasion, truth be told....and had a few brief opportunities as an "extra" and such while living in  Atlanta, but certainly not what I would call any real experience. Goofing around here filming my statement for my piece "Cleaning House" with my pal Alec Ross hardly counts.

I was greeted by the warm and professional, Brad Dicks as I entered the studio of Heather Shaw of Pilo. It was sauna-like with the lights..Heather filmed prior to my arrival and I was followed by Kim McBrien I was soon followed by the (A-dorable) "Hudson" the kitten...He had me at "meow". We filmed, we lunched, we filmed a bit more, and I was on the road to deliver work to the Craft Ontario guild shop, make a quick stop at the gallery/office to say "Hi" to awesome staff and beat it out of town before rush hour.

Image of Hudson by the fantastic and amenable, Brad Dick with WorkInCulture, who was so easy to work with!

 Ahh. It begins. last year, I suspended any commercial scarf/hat production work for a couple of reasons...

1.) I was creating work for the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. Glad I did, as I not only made some great work, but enjoyed some long,decadent  summer days with friends...time I will not ever get back and I made to most of it...Heaven.

2.) (big reason) I really wanted to distance myself from the "functional" work and concentrate on my fine art practice.

Reality, however, has kicked in and these are great sellers and there is a demand. With a fantastic new assistant on board, I am ready to design some exciting things and get them out the door so I can work on a new body of sculptural work for 2 solo exhibitions in 2015 (yes, details soon!)

These are hats from over a year ago and they were popular in Toronto....

I made a new one today in PINK with this template...but will be switching it up.

These are my fantastic "collage scarves" that were Niche Award finalists in 2012,but we will be switching it up this year with some exciting stuff. Maybe a combo...who knows?! Having an assistant will be fun as she, Susan Farber, an artist in her own right, is a real delight and has feltmaking experience (YAY!). I look forward to the dialogue and experimentation. It will mean not everything goes out the door, but the journey and development will be so productive and will feed us both. LIFE IS GOOD. I am one fortunate woman.

Ciao, Ciao (a clue as to where I will be soon, but not soon enough!..sigh!)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Pretty in Pink

 While in Portland, I purchased a heavenly long ribbon of soft pink cashmere roving. Truth be told, I am at heart a real girly-girl and what says decadence like cashmere. This is from DHG in Italy and it is perfection.

The layout was 2 thin, perpendicular layers on the smooth side of my bubble wrap (no point concentrating on that perfect layout to have it swim between the bubbles!) It did about 15 inches wide and 8 feet long. Remember: the finer the layout the more the shrinkage (and wonderfully drapeable!)

 Rolled and felted for a while very carefully with thin plastic on top. Now slowly fulling by sliding back and forth on my surface. Sooo wet tissue.
 I can pick it up and gently full now. A weird stage that feels like flat wet cardboard. it reminds me of Alpaca at this point and I was aware most people might think it is done at this I keep going!!
 Wowsers. The cashmere produced gentle loops and is so soft a drapable. I am so pleased I fulled and fulled ( many times have I said that word?)

 This image does not capture the correct colour, but shows the buttery folds. The following week one of my dear friends visited and it had her name all over it. I was so pleased for her to have it!

I have enough to make another so I need to work myself up to creating another one. It was labour intensive but really worth it!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Buenos Aires: Felt, food and friends far away.

 Waiting for my flight in Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport in Toronto. Met a nice Geological engineer from Turkey. I told him I always seem to meet a geologist/geological engineer..he says it is because they travel so much. makes sense.

 Time to settle in...10 hour flight to Santiago.

 The Andes are SPECTACULAR

 My seat mate from San Francisco (Hey, Dan) was unimpressed with the fog.

 Considering I had no idea we were landing in Santiago, this was a "treat" ticket says "Buenos Aires", but we must deplane, clear security, get finger printed, smile for the camera :o) ...and get back on board the same plane.
 Welcome to BA...a city of over 10 (yes, ten) Million...

 The view from my apartment kitchen is winter here now, but with the sun today, you would not know it!

 Ready for day one of teaching in a beautiful gallery that supports the exhibition of the work of traditional weavers in remote areas of Argentina.

 The women arrive...lots of kisses in South America.

 First dinner Argentinian beef, wine, arugula. Fantastic. The best tasting meat here.

 My teeny tiny for 2.

 My starting point each A.M.was the Starbucks. I have a food allergy and while away and solo, I  need to stick to what is predicable. A Starbucks Latte is a safe way to begin...not to mention delish and a great place to people watch with doggies and winter coats.

 My corner in my hood.

 the best part...the feltmaking!!

 Lots of fabulous pods. These are all made with 100% Argentinian merino! I really love this wool. So happy to have been able to use it.

 Next workshop...making our prefelt...I can tell who are Julia's students...excellent layout!
 and exciting accessories!!
 Vessels in progess...
 A night time tour...traffic in a very, very, big China Town for fish!
 squidy things.
 What you looking at?
 Starbucks not open yet...switching it up at the cafe.

 on my walk to "work"

 Argentinian spirit getting ready for the World Cup Match...
 Results from the vessels workshop...I allowed some freedom and love the results..these students were ready for the creative challenge.
 Lovely women
 excitement over the results!
 My beautiful host, Julia Rossi and I.

 a free day and a walk about to the mall and such...
 Swanky shops (picture of purchase to follow)


 Required attire for lunch out durring world cup soccer in Argentina!

 Mmmm, Milenese. SO good!
 selling flowers on the street...

 Condiments in squeeze bags. So sensible.
 Really affordable, good $2.50!

 A mix of old and that...French architecture.
 The Presidents

 Love to stop and take it all in and then one by one cover the bases.

 Ruben Santantonin. Cardboard, glue, fabric and paint.
 Diego Rivera

 Frida Kahlo

 Luch on the roof with my students on a day warm enough!

 Hola, Kitty!
 Susanna challenged me with a creative question...I helped her with the process.

 At work

 Landscapes and many variations.
 Happy, happy
 Waiting for the doggie walker.

 Wool shops with U.K. feltmaker, Karen Ombler living in BA.

 A charming path (this is the jacket purchased from swanky shop)

 getting ready for the next game!

 Sweet shops with lovely things.

 Lunch out with Julia and my wonderful translators, Mirta and Sil and Julia! A round of beer with each goal by Argentina!

 Back to work with a new group.

 Most cars have crumpled spots :o)

 Markets and doggies.
 My students have to coolest shoes and jewelry. I always leave with a list of designers!


 Fun results!
 Cold day, but the sun is shining!
 last night and a lovely surprise and a gift from Mirta..handmade by her from paper and linen. Love it.

 Julia made me delicious empanadas for the flight which I enjoyed with wine and a move. Thank you, my dear.
It is late and I cannot sleep...but I am headed home so no worries. I have returned full of gratitude with lots to process. I will keep you posted... :o)

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time to relax
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