Friday, July 24, 2015

Strength and Balance

Yoga in Italy
It has been a long time since the last update as my marathon of teaching gigs is finally winding down.  Planned long ago, once the time arrived, was intercepted by the other parts of my evolving life. 

I lost count after 12 cities in 6 countries in 8 weeks. I was super aware of the need to take very good care of myself and focus on what I needed as I packed and repacked, taught and smiled and endured constant change and upheaval....its the little things like strange pillows, unfamiliar bird song (or lack of bird song), bathroom taps that turn in opposite ways than expected, miscommunication dealing with language barriers and cultural quirks.


Eating super well and dedication to my yoga practice was essential for obvious reasons, but also as a constant...a bit of routine where little other routine existed.

There are also the rewards of finally connecting with those I have been corresponding with for a year or more and being welcomed like family and seeing the familiar faces of students eager to return to my classes.The genuine warmth and gratitude that has been directed my way has been overwhelming. 

 Being adaptable is something I feel I have mastered. I returned home and in less than a week packed up my lovely tiny apartment in Kingston that took the movers less than an hour to amalgamate with my studio storage unit. Living light has many advantages.

The next month will be spent in beautiful California overlooking the cliffs dedicating as many hours as possible creating further work for my upcoming solo exhibition in Montreal. I have a very exciting project on the horizon that I will share as it unfolds. 

I will keep you posted...

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time to relax
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