Wednesday, June 30, 2010


'Prophecy' in the Project room at the Union Gallery (you can't see all 13 dresses)

Gallery director/curator, Jocelyn (and kind assistant, way up adjusting lights!)

One of the walls with 5 pieces...

The back door of the Union Gallery at the Stauffer Library at Queen's University. I was channeling "lazy girl" and did not feel like walking around the front!

...and my kitty asleep on the chaise (just 'cause she's cute)

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Winding down..yet gearing up!

Yummy, stinky Pellsul locks

Lots 'o c-1 pellsul and several pounds of pure pelsull in the grease. Lucky me! I see bags in my future!

As the school year comes to an end, I am looking forward to days at home and getting things in order. I have made a list of spring-cleaning-type-tasks at have been gnawing at me (you know those cupboards that you have to close real fast?) I am the only one around here that seems to notice and with travel done for the next couple of months, I can tackle things one at a time.

On Wednesday, I will spend the morning at the Union Gallery installing "Prophecy". I will be very excited to see it all hanging. I will post the invitation and images when available! I can then play in the studio, make some bags, do a bit of teaching and hang out with the family. I have a wonderful fleece from the farmer up the road waiting for me and a few other things that have some promise! I will keep you all posted, you know I will. I must say...thanks for "listening", tuning in, and seeing what I have on the go. It means a lot to be able to share. Knowing you are there makes me feel a little "accountable" in my process. Have an awesome day.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Big Day in Montreal

View from the street of the Canadian Guild for Contemporary Craft in Montreal

My Momma (and business partner, cheerleader, shopping companion, etc!) at a charming Italian restaurant we had lunch at around the corner from the gallery.

My wonderful Mom and I toodled up to Montreal yesterday. Ya' know...I love Montreal and would really like to spend more time there and discover the city. I need to take along someone who knows the city or meet up with some of the people I have been in contact with there. I really do. In any case, as I was saying, Mom and I went up to take work to the Canadian Guild of Craft. The curator contacted me several months ago requesting an appointment to look at my work. The gallery was founded in 1906 (yes that is 1-9-0-6) and has a very fine and extensive Iunuit art collection. The space really knocked my socks off. I did not take pictures inside, of course, because I would have looked like the country mouse comin' to the big city, but I can tell you, it is the best of the best of fine craft in Canada. In the end, after all the unpacking, and discussion about each piece, they took nearly all of them...10 pieces. They are going to give them a try for several months and we shall see. I really hope the work is well received. Fingers crossed.
After we signed papers, shook hands and headed down the gallery steps, mom and had a nice little lunch at a resturant surrounded by wonderful shops and galleries. Nothing like a steak for lunch to celebrate. We people watched a bit (one of our favorite pastimes since I was a girl!) Such a cultured early part of our day ended with a digression as we stopped at Ikea to buy some things to spruce up one of my sons bedrooms...a great day all in all!
Today, the world is my oyster (no not slimy and fishy...but full of promise as to what it may hold)
as I have nothing (how can it be?) required of me today. Yes, I could starch little dresses...and I might...I could clean out a cupboard...and I might....or I could sit on my butt. The later is not likely, but knowing it is an option provides me with a certain degree of satisfaction. Rest assured, I will make the most of this fabulous day and I hope that you do too. Peace out.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things that come up...

This is an example of things that throw a monkey wrench in my day.

I am in the studio trying to work on some pieces to take to Montreal and come up to check my email quick (I am obsessive, although I try not to be). I have a message from the gallery asking what date to put on my images for the press release for my installation coming up. Well, given the new piece is of pink dresses rather than a blue dress, I figured (although a part of me wanted to not worry about it- "lazy girl") I had better send some new images. This of course takes time. I sent some and she wanted a different view, so back to shooting. Not sure if the above image will do, but it is now afternoon, and I still have done very little in the studio and now wonder if I have the steam...

Monday, June 21, 2010

A deeper meaning...

Labels for the dresses:
bad girl
nice girl
sad girl
shy girl
good girl
pretty girl
ugly girl
smart girl
stupid girl
daddy's girl
fat girl
sexy girl
lazy girl

What were you told as a little girl?
Did you reject this or adopt it?
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Ready for labels and install!

Here they are on my studio wall. They will hang with more space around them, of course and will fill the small gallery/project room walls. 5 on each of the 2 long walls and three on the other wall, with "bad girl" in the middle. No special reason for 13 dresses, other than this piece was created for this space specifically.

Initially I had asked for exhibition fees and was told there were none left in the gallery budget (a university/public gallery situation). I then had to make a decision. Do I exhibit work for free (not to mention being out of pocket for materials and time) for the sake of bringing the piece I had long thought of making to exhibit? As a university gallery that exhibits professional artists work on a limited basis, is it fair for them to expect one to exhibit for free? I could say "no" and they would promptly fill the space without a second thought, which cheesed me off, so declining would not really send any message. I have wanted to make this piece, I said yes. When I went in to sign the contract, I was told money was found elsewhere and, voila, I would receive artist fees. Not sure what the lesson is. Maybe there is not a lesson and it was just dumb luck. I think that can happen, ya' know. I am not one of those people who is always seeking signs from above. Yes, I believe it does happen, as it has happened to me, but I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground. Unless I am creating, of course. It's just the pragmatist in me.

I am in Montreal on Friday to take work to the Canadian Guild of Craft, argueably the finest craft gallery in the country. I will pack up some sculptures (some of which I will be making this week) and meet with the director and curator. really looking forward to having a venue for these pieces. I have long thought that I needed just the right audience for these pieces, and I think this is it. Now, to print labels, get out the straight pins and pack up 13 little dresses.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Progress on "Prophecy"

some of the dresses ready. I hung them on hangers to dry, but they will be attached directly to the wall at the gallery. I decided I prefered them to look like a child could be wearing them rather than hanging as if in a closet.

the last seven all laid out. I will roll them just a bit (10 min. total) and the rest of the time they will be worked on individually. I assembled them in assembly line fashion really only to keep them consistant. When they are all done, I will attach the labels, place a little tissue inside for transport and put them aside ready for install. Then...I get to make some bags!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A few years ago, I created the below piece 'Prophecy', which appeared in a few shows: Ontario Craft '07, Kingston juried arts salon, and Women's Work at the Sandra Whitton Gallery (where it sold) Since that time, I have considered expanding on the piece and creating a series of dresses, each with it's own label....This installation will take place at the Union Gallery at Queen's University in July in the Project Room. You can follow the progress below. I am currently fulling the first 6 and will set them aside until all 13 are ready to steam, shape and hang...

Below are 6 of the 13 dresses laid out, but not yet felted...

Layout in progress (very fiddly-making me crazy and will glad to be past that point on the next 7)

It is interesting to challenge myself to make them very alike. Even as I felt and full, they each take a turn so I am doing each the same. This being said, I found myself reflecting on the concept of the piece as I worked on each one wondering if the one in my hands would be "smart girl" or "stupid girl". I'll update you as I move along and once it is in the gallery in less than 2 weeks.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching Up

(Cindy Obuck- above)
I am back from Saskatchewan and had a really great time with some talented women. Cindy Obuck was kind enough to host me for a 2 day dimensional landscape workshop and a one day simple vessel workshop. I was surprised at the stamina of the group who came in early and stayed late whenever they had the chance!

Marilyn and her awesome osprey nest in progress

A lovely landscape! The moody sky is great (and the tree...and the barn!)

Tracy Kuffner working away

Rhonda's landscape
Judy adapted her image and added some great colour!

Our vessels! (missing a couple who had to leave early!)
Thanks, All!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sask-at-cheee-wan! Here I come

HERE is where I am headed...the beautiful Qu'appelle Valley in the Canadian prairie province of Saskatchewan. I am so happy I found this image. I thought I was in for a ground hog invasion and lots of wheat fields, but this, well, this I like! (no offence to prairie rodents and farmers)

We will be at a retreat location and I look forward to meeting all of my eager students. We are going to take a couple of days to work on felted landscapes (no need for them to bring inspiration images!) and then a day of felted vessels/resist work fun.

I will have the chance to meet fellow artist, Martha Cole. We are part of a respected fibre group here in Canada (and one UK member) and we have yet to formally meet, so an added bonus. These trips are such an adventure with the chance to meet the people I have only "spoke" with by email and the uncertainty that I feel as we begin: getting to know one another, do we have enough wool?, how will the day be paced.... I then get into my groove and lose myself in the experience and sharing my true passion. I truly am luck to be in the position to share this delicious medium.

Upon my return home, I have a couple of weeks (amidst family end-of-school-year craziness) to complete (and start!) pieces for an installation at the Union Gallery at Queen's University and a quick trip to Montreal to deliver many pieces from my Adaptations show. I can do it! I'll chck back in on the weekend when I have some images to share!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's Up...

Argh, the drive home from Toronto. Miserable.

The opening reception at the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery

Jim Lorriman, Shannon Kennedy and Drowned Rat (I ran 5 blocks in pouring rain!)

Shannon and Lily Yung, who was presented with the Mather award for lifetime acheivement.

Had a great AGM at the Gladstone Hotel with reminders of many highlights from the last year. What a great year for the OCC. I'm so happy to be part if it. Then on to the gallery and a long, white knuckled, wet drive home. A failure, once again, to check the weather.
I had an appointment this morning at the Union Gallery where I will hang the installation "Prophecy" next month and came home to do the household stuff that has suffered in my absence the last week or so. With family events on the weekend, tomorrow will be spent getting some things organized for my trip to Regina, Saskatchewan next week. Looking forward to meeting the group that booked me many emails ago. With school-end and the kids suddenly busy with field trips and what-not, I am ready for the month to end and get down to Bi-ness in my studio.

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time to relax

time to relax
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