Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Laundry List

My wheels are spinning and I keep waiting to hit the ground rolling:

- Images of new work for a Magazine article...can't get the lighting right so redo.
- Sample for workshop in the Fall in Italy (woot) create and shoot
- Box up work for exhibition in Italy (again...woot) to measure and weigh
- Write exhibition grant application- deadline soon!
- On-going work for upcoming exhibitions..in big spaces!
- Work for my commercial gallery in Toronto
- Complete final piece for a commission
- quarterly tax filing

...and other important stuff.  I cannot share images of my new work quite yet and I do not think you will be thrilled with images of paper work.As you can tell from recent posts, I am feeling a tad stretched. With 3 teenagers and the end of the school year and one graduating, there is a lot on my plate. I find I will work for a bit and leave the studio to get something I need or check email and get side tracked with other matters. Tomorrow is a new day. Fresh start.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

No Place like Home

When I speak of "Home", in this case, I am speaking of being true to my artistic self. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone a bit (yes, a good thing) and have been making new work. Some are process pieces and will continue to be worked and played with...and likely never seen. But they are the ground work for what will be seen. I am a confident person and a confident artist and have for many years now had ideas, I execute them and move on to the next, so this feels very foreign to be out of my usual process. When I toss in all the events revolving around home and family and I have been out-of-sorts.

Last weekend I had a trip "home" and made a small series of sculptures that is so true to my work, yet is new and exciting for me. Yay! I will share with you...eventually. I am creating work that will be revealed in a publication that deserves to have the initial "reveal". So, while the work is not a big secret, I will be sharing less images of new art until the appropriate time! I am also making decisions about my other functional work and will likely discontinue making anything wearable or, at the very least, focus only on my fine art for a long while.I will keep you posted...

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time to relax

time to relax
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