Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Progress..Back at it!

After a busy couple of weeks getting other business matters organized I am back at it while I have a window! I know that I can pick away at the 3d elements and I feel the motivation to work on the additional panels. It is good to switch up at this point to protect my body, and I was having a creative flow with so many good things going on ;o)...ready to design/layout!

 I pinned the middle panel in process on the back wall...the completed piece won't even fit on that wall, lol...The really white "rocks" are pieces of paper just to plan out a bit as I work. Working so large, I constantly have to step back and see how it looks composition wise.

The layout looks very strong and blocky, at this point. It will have an additional layer and then surface design, so this will all be under colors that will gently influence the final surface.

Yes, the studio is a mess. I love a minimalist space at home and work and between projects my space is super organized. The key is not having more than you need! I have nice things, and the best materials...quality over quantity in all things. Useful and beautiful are my criteria (I am fortunate the people in my life come with both quality and quantity !)

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time to relax

time to relax
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