Saturday, December 10, 2016

New Beginnings

The last few months since I have moved to San Diego have been very hectic with lots of work travel and playing...Massachusetts, Toronto,Vegas, Maui, Santa Cruz, NYC, Whidbey Island, Kentucky, Hilton Head, Mexico and Dallas...I just noted that is 11 places in 12 weeks. How is that possible? It is no wonder no art has been made! There are a couple more trips before I can work in the studio, but I am certainly chomping at the bit to do so.

San Diego is a wonderful city (If you have seen the movie "Anchorman" you know why) and I am just getting to know my community and reach out to some fellow artists. I have joined the Textile Study Guild of San Diego - a large and growing group of smart and engaging women...and will lead the felting study group. I will be establishing my business here and will be doing some teaching here in San Diego, so look for upcoming dates on my website and here. It is a great destination to spend a few days and bring a friend or spouse and there is lots to do and you cannot beat the weather! Im very excited!

Moving to another country has lots of logistic issues with banking laws and tax matters to consider, so most of my "art" business time has been consumed with research and shuffling papers. I am also very happy that I have taken on a client to consult and bring her to the next chapter in her career. I am very excited for her and guiding her through her creative business journey.

With my own new chapter, I will keep you posted!

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