Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's that time again...

My lists are growing, rather than shrinking. My stack of "things to pack" growing taller and taller. Warm weather? Cold weather? Rain? One thing I am packing little of is wool as I will be stopping at New England Felting Supply first to stock up on some goodies and have a wee visit. I am very fortunate to have received a generous grant from the Ontario Arts Council to attend a conference for 9 days. What a treat...I get to hang out with some new friends and former students, as well as many talented feltmakers from around the world who I am so lucky to have as friends. Whoopee! I will take all my electronic devices, camera and the sort, so hope to update you during my travels.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I need al list for my lists...

Yes, I am a list maker. I always have a grocery list on the go, but this week the list making is completely outta hand. Packing list (Felters Fling countdown!), studio to-do list, drugstore list, school supply list, school clothes list. I need everything from hair colour to boys underwear and just don't know where to begin. My instinct tells me to make a list of my lists, which is ludicrous, but just might be the best plan of attack.

I managed to pack some things in the studio yesterday and felt a small piece to send to a show in B.C. for a group show with my fibre group "Connections". It is really a departure from my work as it has stitching on it for surface design. The theme of the show is "Pentimento", so I needed to add more depth and visual "layers". I now have to task of mounting it, the case for my completed pods also. Crap...I need to start another list. I'll keep you posted!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Roller Coaster

Ahhh, yes. The ups and downs. Anticipation followed by fear and, in the end, exhilaration. The perfect metaphor, no?

In fact, I am not talking metaphors, but reality. I spent the day with the family in Toronto at Canada's Wonderland. Lots of coasters and spinning/tilting/high flying rides that made me question why I drank 32 ounces of $8 cherry slushie. We stayed at a real hotel with a heavily chlorinated pool and minibar. We ate good food with napkins in our laps and junk food too. We braved Toronto traffic and played silly on-the-road games while I endured lots of boy behavior that, at this stage in my parenting, makes me smile more than it makes me scowl (mostly). What a sweet 2 days.

Okay...so the metaphor applies.

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Friday, August 5, 2011

What's Up

"Svetlana"...still needs some accessories (by me)

I had a lovely small group of women here for 2 days making needle felted figures. As the studio tables are high and we wanted to be comfy, we all fit nicely around my dining room table. It was so nice to just feel like a group of friends gathering to sip coffee and have some fun. One of the advantages to having a small group was I dis not have to run around and actually got my demo sample ("Svetlana") mostly done, which does not usually happen. All the women have taken workshops with me in the past and we have crossed paths over the last few years, so it was really a joy.

yesterday we did some family make up time and zipped around on some go-carts and drank slushies that dyed our tongues blue...ya' know, the things we just need to do in the summer. Today will be a bit of work, of the paper variety (argh), a bit of play and then, who knows.

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time to relax

time to relax
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