Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's Gnu...

My goodness. Where do I begin?

 Last weekend I taught a 3D bags class at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. They have a wonderful workshop space and with the help of Kay(and Ray)  and Jean (and Michael) who organized and entertained me.

I love Almonte...really do. Also came home with a beautiful new teapot by Chandler Swain from the General Fine Craft Gallery (you can find my work there too!)

My New piece "Cleaning House" is getting some attention from curators and publications including here: Architect Annie Coggan "Chairs and Buildings"
Annie and I have quite a bit in common and I so appreciate her words and perspective.

last night I headed to an opening for an artist I greatly admire:
Dorothy Caldwell at the Art Gallery of Peterborough. Lots of fun and in as much awe of her work as ever.

In posting another video, I found this: My advice for artist. I did not even know I was being filmed so was so surprised. It was from 4 years ago, but I still stand by my advice.

Annie Dunning, Kevin Rodgers, Andrea Graham
Finally...a friend/writer/author/editor/ all 'round great guy and dad, Alec Ross offered to film me speaking about "Cleaning House". It was such a surprise he kept in the silly/hammy bits, but glad he did.

On Wednesday I depart for Yellowknife, but need to finish a proposal before I go. I will keep you posted!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Images...Cleaning House

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

See You Saturday!


What a day. My work is usually made in the studio...completed in the studio. Yes, installation is involved but not usually any actual assembly. Today was a departure. Half an hour before I was ready to deliver work to the gallery for my show here: Modern Fuel

I had an email from the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre giving me permission to shoot the work in their pretty, pretty (did I say pretty?) atrium, so I had to switch gears, call photographer and beg (Daaave? can you come...tomorrrrrow?), change direction.

I spent 4 hours shaping steel wool and not much else knowing it would all be taken apart the next day to be relocated. It could not go by quick enough. My reward was playing with my mops! I like my mops.I like them for art, not cleaning, to be clear.

in progress!!

 I will now have to assemble the pieces twice in a short window, but I will 1.) have fantastic images and 2.) the experience of assembling once already behind me when I get to the Modern Fuel tomorrow!

I came home so frigging tired and wonder how my art friends that do this fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants thing manage.Then again, I do it too. I  just do it in a different way. I am feeling upside down in the best way possible as it is these experiences that challenge us and confirm "you can DO this". I am not quite there and cannot wait until the a.m. when I can dig back in and make some art. life is good. I will keep you posted, always.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Looking Ahead

To be installed beginning this week at the Modern Fuel

Intrigued? Confused? Oh, good!

I had a fantastic meeting yesterday with a smart young woman who is going to take time out of her busy life to write a piece on my work. I am moving forward in my goals to reach a new audience and grow as an artist and these are exciting steps. Nothing like feeling like you are in control of your own direction and being clear where you want to go...the last part being vital, of course!  In the quick hour + that we met she tossed out a handful of names and bits of information/resources that fueled lots of research today. I had a list of things to follow up on and calls to make and while I have sat on my ass all day, it has been very productive!  

This week, I will be schlepping my new 7 ft. sculptures over to the Modern Fuel gallery to complete assembly and installation. This is a new process for me as I don't usually (o.k., ever) complete work on-site. Not sure how long it will take, but I know I am in good shape.

Ah, Yes! Easy for YOU to say. Looking ahead for me right now feels a bit like the start of a marathon. I have a Crayyyzeee travel schedule ahead in 5 countries that will take me to the end of June. In between I will do my best to get other work done and reintroduce myself to my children! Either they are going to starve or learn to be very self sufficient. This all begins next weekend then a break and then off to Yellowknife....

Isn't it lovely.

Maybe, just maybe I will see the Northern Lights. I will keep you posted.

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time to relax
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