Friday, December 30, 2011

The line-up...

Silk and wool wrap (for the rock star) $275

Detail of "the other" wrap

Rock star wrap detail!

Oh, a tangerine beret...$100

"The other" wrap $300 (quite long)

It's a hat...with silk detail $150

Purple and Pink silk beret $100

Simple wool bag. Pocket inside. leather handles and magnet closure $165.00

Roomy bag. Leather handles and magnetic closure. $180.00

Big roomy bag. Zipper closure. Fish skin detail (from Iceland- tanned and dyed just like leather). leather handles. $180.00

Fish skin detail!
Magenta and red (love this combo!) Silk detail. Leather magnet closure and handles. $200.00
Simple flat bag. Zipper closure. Silk detail and leather handles. $140.00
Turquoise and chocolate. Silk detail and wee spikes. Leather handles. Flap closure and can add snap or zipper, if desired. $225.00

Big flap bag. Double grommets on sides with adjustable leather strap and stainless hardware. Zipper closure. $250.00
detail (sorry...not a great shot!)

Not sure what to call this one! Double grommets on each side, magnet closure (polymer clay button is decoration). Adjustable leather straps. $225.00

Blue/black grid. Silk detail. Adjustable leather straps. This bag is fairly small with a small opening due to shape. $180.00

and this little cutie is mine!!

I received most of my special order leather handles (many, many handles!) so I have been able to finish some bags I have had waiting to be sent hither and yonder (where I pulled that expression from, I do not know). I even got the hang of the hand-applied grommet technique with excellent results. Once these are sold/sent/delivered, I do have some more bags in my head swimming around, but I must switch gears on a few other matters.

First, I have been a neglectful committee member and have some volunteer work for the Ontario Crafts Council to attend to. Second, I have Art to make: sculptures, a 2d piece for a show and giving myself some time/space to not be required to create anything specific.

I also have several web students getting ready to book dates with me, so the schedule will fill so quickly. I have quite a few requests to travel and am being very selective, so making some decisions there also so keep an eye on my website if you are interested in workshops. Until then, peruse the bags and let me know if anything strikes your fancy. I will update you soon on the rest!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Does this not make you say, "Yeah, right"? Me too.

Yes, okay... our turkey was pretty darn tasty, a bit over-cooked, par for the course, no? Some guests arrived early, some a bit late...but in all an amazing, wonderful, joyous day that leaves me thankful for the family I have with all the hairs and warts. Three brave cancer survivors sat at our table while others were absent, and dearly missed. In a nutshell, a day that put things in perspective and redefines the meaning of perfection to me. Taking the happy with the sad, the good with the bad, disappointment over gratification, all part of the big picture to end a roller coaster year in this crazy adventure that we call life.

Thanks to you all for your support and kindness, criticism and advice, for checking in to hear my rambling or (hopefully) pick up on a tid-bit or two that makes your own work better or is at least of interest. It's been a long road wearing many hats to continue to be a full time feltmaker and worth ever bump to have met the many friends and mentors that continue to drive and influence my work...Chris, Jorie, Chad, Karo and Rod, and Sharon to name a few.

I will begin the new year with gratitude and just see where the wool takes me. I will keep you posted, as always....My best to you all.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thumbs up...not so much.

Noooooo, the injustice! last night I got in the way of a growly dog (my own). The result:5 stitches (4 standard and a lovely mattress stitch), a week of antibiotics and a tetanus shot. The worst part is that I must keep it dry for 2 days and stitches will be in for a full week. I keep telling myself that the timing could be worse. I have no looming deadlines, no work that must get done.

I am however sad that with some free time, it will not be spent felting over the next week. I am experiencing the realization that my craft is so important to me. Yes, I did know this, but the true depth of my commitment/passion/obsession is evident to me today. I am grateful it is just a few stitches and thankful for the time to switch gears and think for a bit about what to create next. Watch out! I'll keep you posted, as always.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

new bags...

A nice simple tote for the gallery. Leather handles and closure.

back view of the bag I made...for ME. It is black c-1/pelsull felted super tight with turquoise-green c-1 detail (on front)

Front of bag. Awesome stainless gate rings and high end leather straps. If I were going to sell this, just the hardware would add $100 retail to the bag.

Can't wait to get the zippers sewn in and use this! I l-o-v-e it. I so rarely felt with black other than an accent colour. Note to self: more black.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick and Easy?

A new bag. I have sewn on the handles a few times trying to get them perfect! This, I have found cannot be done at 10 p.m.

semi-final in ipod case design! You would think this would be ridiculously simple (I sure thought so) but there have been several trials and errors! I think the "final" will have a short velcro strip, but until it is sewn up and ipod in place, you never really know how functional it will be.
A cute sewn pouch for a gifty.

New bag detail. LOVE the colours. C-1 in Turquoise-green and brown c-1/pelsull. *sigh*!
Works as both a glass case and ipod case. This I am going to use myself to see how the closure stands up over time.
The pathetic evolution for the case I thought would be no-brainer. Found that you need to bring the under fold all the way to the top of the ipod and the flap all the way to the bottom or it flares up funny (second image from top). This was not evident until the device was inside. I like this look of the third from the top, but the boys did not like the way it, we have the semi-finalist last with an easy snap. Finally decided velcro is going to be better to a.) avoid pressing on the device b.) making it even quicker to open/close and access. Also considering little pocket inside for debit card.
While my initial ipod case "recipe" was a fail, the pumpkin cheese cake was a delicious success. This being said...I now recall my mom agonizing over the creation of this recipe while she was a caterer making cakes for a few fine restaurants. Things worth while are never quick and easy. Time for coffee (and perhaps some cake) and off to the studio. I'll keep you posted!


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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Spend or not to Spend?

Not really the question, once I think about it. I am, after all, going to be spending either way, I just have to make some decisions. I have invested a significant amount in some very nice leather bag handles that will go on my bags with grommets...and thus, the grommet situation begins.

I have all the hand tools and have found that they are not terribly efficient or consistent. I can buy higher quality cutters, mat and proper mallet...or (the crux of the matter) spend double the money and get a machine that will do this with less muscle (which I am lacking) and much cleaner. The quandry is I don't want to spend the lesser amount only to discover that the extra $200 was the route to go. Compared to what I have spent, the $400 total is a drop in the bucket...the bucket, however, seems to have a hole in it! Money in, money some point it will all make sense. I'll keep you posted.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

What's New...

back of a new little bag...

Front of new little bag...
My student, Nataliya's wonderful pod that se made while on webcam with me for a pods class!

Am image Nataliya sent to me of her space while she worked with me...see me on the screen (My image can be maximized..she had me on small screen!)

Oh, look...a nice magnet closure on my "new little bag"

Hi All,
I am sorry it has been awhile since my last post. I have had several students by web cam: the UK, San Francisco, Florida, West coast Canada, Russia. What an amazing time we live in! The biggest challenge seems to be coordinating time zones and teaching times. My most recent student, the lovely Nataliya, from Russia is a natural feltmaker and made a great pod and has another on the go. For those interested in your own workshop, it is as easy as a phone call.

After we finished for the day, shortly after noon, I was itching to felt. I made a cute bag that patiently waits for grommets (ordered and hopefully in transit) and very nice leather strap (ordered and hopefully in transit). It is now early afternoon and would love to dive into a batt of short fibre merino from New England Felting Supply. I picked up several of the "stata batts" last time I was there and the colour "subway" is sooo awesome felted up! I do, however, have a little one that needs a felted Wolverine for a visual aid...for tomorrow that he needs help with. Guess I better bust out the felting needles.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Big News

1. Do you have email? (check)
2. Do you have a webcam? (check-most laptops already have one)
3. Do you want to take a one-on-one workshop with me? (hmmm, tell you more?)

Okay, so I am not sure how I can click a button and suddenly I have a smiling, eager student appear on my laptop screen, but after installing a software link (an equally easy click) I can do this! (angels singing) There are so many of you all over the planet that I would like to reach, and I will get to your corner of the world eventually, but in the meantime, this is really good. I am shocked at how easy this leap has been to make and if you are unsure, we can briefly connect just to say "Hi' and for you to see how it will work.

the cost (payable via paypal) is equivalent to taking a workshop with me and we can break up the time into 2 half days (especially good for those is different time zones).

Interested? Email me at with what you would like to learn, your experience level and where you are located. I will then get back to you with all the juicy details and get you booked.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Home. Now what?......

Some awesome pods from the weekend...

Sara, earlier in the week. She has a ceramics background and took to the process naturally!

Deborah, trying to look pleased that this rope is taking so long ;o)

Cindy's super soapy c-1...that's the way to do it! It turned out fabulous.

I have had a great week. I traveled to Massachusetts to hang with the wonderful Chris White and some other feltmakers at New England Felting Supply, make lots of pods and come home with a pile of beautiful wool. My big haul was mainly short fibre merino in their exclusive "strata batt". The variation of colours creates depth and interest. The second group of pod makers had lots of felting experience, so we were brave and mixed all kinds of wools and elements with great success and I was inspired by their fibre choices!

I am now home and have been resting, thinking, returning lots of messages and planning the next few months, which fill so quickly! I need to produce a few pieces for the Canadian Guild of Craft in Montreal to deliver next week and I have a web student this weekend. While I was able to catch some z's the last couple of days, reconnect with the lives of my cohabitants, I think it is now time to dig back in.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New little bag...

Silk fabric under the "grid"

Completed with a high-end leather handle. :o)
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Finished today....

Back view of one option...
A little bag ready for straps to be sewn. made with C-1 and some silk fabric and fibres.

A more funky view...
for the "handbag and glad rags" show coming up. Now that these are complete, I am trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. The house needs to be tidied, but that sounds like no fun at all. I think maybe some more coffee first and then I can decide!

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time to relax

time to relax
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