Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The clock says 10:00 a.m. and I am looking at my options for the day. Dinner is in the crock pot...well, dinner that 3 out of 5 family members will eat, so still need to think of something else.

I could get my hair out of this perma-ponytail and go to the grocery store, but I don't wanna.

I have a piece drying in the dryer on the little rack so it will not tumble. I am ready to stiffen some pieces using a mixture of glue and water, but they need to be totally dry, before I do. The plan had been to add some other elements, but I really like them the way they are. So I will ponder further.

I'll keep y'all posted. 

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Staying Zen with the ups and downs...

So after my a.m. procrastination yesterday, I actually cuddled up on the sofa with my laptop and some crappy t.v. and worked on updating my artists statement and biography. Not a simple task to "explain" my work. The bio was "just", putting my c.v. in a nutshell, so you would think it would not be difficult, but deciding what to include is getting harder.

 I have been asked to do an interview for a very slick on-line magazine Creating Linus
and figure it is a very good reason to tweek things and focus more on the "art" aspects.

Also some fabulous, fist pumping news...I am a Niche Award finalist (Whoot!) You may think, "What is a Niche Award?" Well, it is a huge honor in the land of commercial craft. You won't see the finalists on the website yet for 2013, but it will give you a look at what it is all about. This is the 4th year I have entered. It is like anything, the jurors bring their knowledge and personal taste and it can be a shot in the dark. I went right to my c.v. and added it. Of course, this followed 2 "rejections" last week, which I don't really think about as rejections anymore. It is just the ebb and flow, the ups and downs, ins and outs of life as an artist....

Coffee with my best girl friend this a.m. and hopefully some wool time later. I will keep you posted, my friends.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Procrastinate...

-Drink coffee
-Look at email, surf news, "like" cute cat picture on Facebook.
-Bid on cashmere hoodie on Ebay
-Consume comfort food while surfing more: shepherds pie with ketchup (2 servings)
-Pour more coffee
-check email...already outbid :/
- Create Blog post

....now what.

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Friday, October 12, 2012


step one


sometime day 2

after a day break, back at it...

Patty doing a pod imitation- see below :o)

hanging to dry...more to come!

Well, Patty is certainly happy I am back in the studio. She likes when I give her a fresh bowl of water to paddle around in (don't know why she does this, but highly entertaining) and then she settles in on the table just out of reach and remains there until she is in the splash zone.

This new piece has already taken me several days, with lots of downtime in between. I am sketching like a fiend on a serious creative spurt. I really love sketching...something I have done my whole life. We all have a doodle (those things you draw while you are on the phone, or at the top of your grocery list)...think about it...how does your "doodle" come out in your work? My doodle has always been flowers and circles. I am all about the circle, for whatever reason.
As if just the sketching, planning, layout and felting were not enough...my new work is going to have a whole other dimension...a multi-media approach. Many levels... This is stage one. I hope you will forgive me that there will be some steps I will not share in detail as this is new work...special work I am developing for me to show and I think will be very unique from any other work I have seen. I, of course, will share my journey, as I have done and once I teach these things, I will be an open book as I am on most feltmaking matters! Everyone seems interested in making felt faster. I find greater value in making it good. I would rather take twice (or 3x) as long and feel good about what I have made than "It's good enough", because you know when you tell that to yourself, it probably isn't. Yes, I have told myself that and I don't love every piece I make, but the ones that go out the door have to meet some sort of standard that I have established for myself, not something that has been imposed upon me. No time in the studio is ever wasted...even just sitting in my space with the t.v. on connects in a (very) small way and is a lead up for things to come.

Well, I have rambled. Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Open a can....

Is it age? Am I getting grumpy or just tired of seeing people behaving badly towards others?

Yesterday a woman backed out of a parking spot like a honey badger...didn't give a sh**. She completely ignored the honking little smart car (more of a beep, I suppose), first polite-like, "beep :o), hellooo, I am here!" Then with increasing urgency, length and frequency, "BEEP, Beeeep, You-a gonna hit ma' CAR, laydeeee!", drawing attention from all in the lot.

She was about to drive off when I stepped into her path, well, with my cart leading. I am not totally crazy. I "asked" if she was completely unaware, or just rude. She waved her hands around, I think more upset that I was delaying her than anything. What is wrong with people?!

The very best part: Two little old ladies hooted, "Good for you!" as a walked past. I would like to say this was followed by fist/chest bumps and high-fives (wouldn't that have been cool?!).  I went on to pick peppers feeling like a super hero.

This story has very little to do with the remainder of my day, other than giving some thought to giving myself permission to be true to my feelings in the moment and not always question myself; More action, less I-shoulda, less concern about how I will be perceived. Hopefully achieved without getting shot. I guess that could be art related, no?

On that note...

I am working on some new work that is actually getting more complicated rather that simplified. experimentation and samples seem to take forever and I don't seem to enjoy the process as much as I an excited to see the end result...now. I am also probably working too large so that "if" I am happy with the result it can be shown. This also means more time consuming, and the use of more of my new, more costly materials. Such a wonderful quandary. Okay, enough eating comfort food, websurfing and cat cuddling. Time to get in the studio. Those samples won't felt themselves. I'll keep you posted...

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Turkey Day in Canada

Turkey Day

Momentary distraction
Tree killer
What did I do this week? Well, it began with thinking about work for my show in 2014 at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum (a "joint" show with one other artist), which then led me to think about exhibition grants, which took me to the Ontario Arts Council website seeking deadline dates.

This led me to look at creation and development grants, which led me to 3 days of printing (and reprinting) my application...agonizing and re-thinking. Made some calls. Feelings of inadequacy and trepidation, committing to projects that hinge on money I am not sure if I will receive...and finally, an almost complete application (waiting for hubby to put images on the CD). It is amazing how something I had not given much thought a couple of days ago is now of paramount importance.

I had a mid-night sketch book frenzy the other night with thoughts and ideas spilling out...new materials, new forms, new installation ideas...I am on that creative climb that causes a continued feeling of anticipation and a ball in my stomach until I can assemble everything and begin to execute the ideas...it is also possible (okay, definitely) I have been consuming too much coffee.

last night hubby and middle one brought home a sweet little stray kitten that was so starved for attention she was practically mauling us. She spend a cozy night here and was taken to a local shelter today where she will, hopefully, find a family that will give her lots of love. Would have loved to keep her, but Pattycake is the "big boss" and enough of an distraction and responsibility along with my beastly dog (who is aging and slowly getting less beastly).

This is Thanksgiving weekend for us Canucks and we are lucky to be guests rather than hosts, for a change. I hope you enjoy this weekend...give thanks. Gobble, Gobble.

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time to relax

time to relax
Liberatio Captivus