Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Scarves on Etsy...for now!

one of my favourites! Super funky-fun
 I have lots of new scarves accumulating for Fall inventory for my galleries and still time to make more, so thought I would list some on Etsy, in the meantime. Hope you will have a look! I will make another post later today!!
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Falling of the face of earth? Naw!

 Did you all think I had left you all? Of course not! I have been busy and then was a bit of a sloth...and then had students. This was followed by further slothing. I find I have these ebb and flow situations and have long stopped beating myself up over it because it really is part of my creative process. If I need to nap, I nap. If I need to just float through a few days, I give myself permission (within reason, of course). I missed an opening of a group show I am in and an artists outing. I have since made up for some lost time. I did teach a bags workshop which motivated me to purchase more silk. While in Prince Edward County on Saturday, I was inspired my a clay piece at a gallery and made this vessel (15 inches tall)

The best part was today when I met with an artist friend who has offered to mentor me through the next stage of my arts practice. I am not giving up what I do (that's crazy talk), but I am going to focus significant energy on my fine arts part of my work. I am looking forward to it all, but navigating some new areas feels awkward. I am thankful to have someone walk me through the rocky parts. I will keep you posted ;o)

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Friday, July 6, 2012

This week...

adding spikes and loops..attaching one at a time
all tucked around and surface design being added

Patty snoozing on a resist instead of  her fleece.

new bags...hanging around.
The theme this week seems to have been "just do it". I have had no specific thing I needed to make or art I had to create. While new creative ideas are percolating, it think it is best to make sure I keep my hands in the wool. I have made a few bags, sewn in zippers, labels and added lovely straps. It pleases me to see them all hanging together knowing that if one in particular grows on me, I can keep it myself (but know that they will all be shipped out come Fall). Easy, lazy work. I have a busier week next week, so little time to putter in the studio. I do have a web student, so a new pod is in my future. I look forward to that. I am amassing quite a collection. I have work to deliver for a show and students here this weekend to make...more bags. Nice to have several samples on hand. 

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time to relax

time to relax
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