Sunday, February 27, 2011

Process and Escape...

Scarves laid out dry

Wet out and covered with thin plastic

On the machine by Feltcraft

Laying out bag while scarves on machine (corriedale roving)

After first 30 minutes under plastic...this is where I think "crap, things are not sticking!". I wet out where needed, add a few fibres if needed, replace plastic and back in the machine.

When I move my scarves to my table, I have to put my bag layout under the table (lots of back and forth)

Okay...the scarves were in the machine for 2 thirty minute cycles with the plastic (checking and switching rolling ends in between) and 4 cycles of thirty with out the plastic (alternating ends) Now they are holding togther enough to begin fulling.
That is 3 hours in the machine total and my rolling and checking etc, in between. It would take less time by hand, but much more wear and tear on my shoulders.

I gather then up and will now work on each one individually. I gently drop a few times and knead, checking that edges are not sticking to themselves, which they still will , at this point. some fulling on the washboard

Time to cut holes and then I full more on the washboard to heal the holes (very important) I do this with each scarf, setting them aside as I finish and rinse them all together. Fulling of the scarves took me 2 hours.
Rinse and spin in my handy spinner

Scarves are rinsed and spun and ironed flat and left to dry to the side and now I can work on my bag! (I accidentally deleted the finished scarf image close up!)

Well, I received an email asking if I had some scarves "laying around" if I could bring them to the new Water + Wool gallery when I go down on the weekend. No...I do not have any laying around, but it was a motivator to get in the studio, which you may have noticed, have been itching to do. I have documented my day above. I usually do so in reverse order so the finished pieces are the first image, but will do so in the order I did them this time. So, I spent the whole day making scarves and laying out a bag (as seen below) while watching "Toddlers and Tiaras" on my studio TV. I swear I lost brain cells watching. I usually listen to public radio while working, occasionally a good design show, but I have vowed no more shows about horders, babies wearing false eyelashes and people that eat from ashtrays...what the heck am I doing!? It truly must be a form of escape. From now on, I think my escape will be back to the left of centre discussions on the CBC and a big batt of wool....much healthier! I must do that today to recover! In any case, see above for my (not so) exciting day!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Itching to get into the studio after a couple of days doing other things!!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Surprise workshop!

I am missing my friends in Massachusetts, so have decided to pop down for a visit and a quick workshop on March 5th. If you are in the area, contact New England Felting supply and come create a funky new accessory!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Latest Piece


During the felting process....hard to believe this is that same piece, no? The white is atop that bed of hairy Karakul wool that migrates like crazy and eats up most of the design, but the subtleties are still there upon close inspection. There are textures like dragon skin and areas with a bit of lustre.
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dirty. Hairy.

Oh, I must enter a new post so I am not faced with that creepy interview image. This batt of Karakul is way nicer. Today is Saturday. Always full of promise, Saturday is. A day of no driving which entends my work day considerably. The coffee pot is bottomless. I remain in my yoga pants (more like my "I-really-should-go-to-yoga" pants) and my wool socks. I hope to spend the day in the studio making an art piece for a spring show. I awoke remembering I have a couple of gallery committments, but I can tackle those later in the week. And to the Karakul I say...
Go ahead, make my day.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011


(OMG, this image makes me glad that kind of interview is not part of my life!)
I recently completed and interview for an on-line blog that you can see here: Blethering Crafts
Of course, there was lots more I now wish I had said and a couple of errors, but that is always the way. At least she asked some interesting questions. I have another magazine interview coming and so far they have asked about my farm...which I do not have, nor have interest in having. Hope she will be asking more questions. day today as I have realized this morning that I have a deadline very close! have a great day!

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Monday, February 7, 2011


Why would I make a teapot, you wonder? Yes, a departure from what I usually do (although, I am beginning to wonder what it is that I "usually" do). While in Pittsburgh last year for the opening of FiberArt International, I met Amy, the owner of Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery

Not long after my visit I received an invitation to participate in their annual "Teapots!" show. Collectors come from all over and the gallery has some truly extraordinary work, so of course I said, "Yes".

Well, This is my second attempt as the first one, while interesting and fine for some other show perhaps, was not to the standard that I felt good about sending. So, it was scrapped. This is the second attempt and completely different from the first. It is a connection to both the past and present and I think is quite lovely. I am happy with it. I did write a statement, more of a story, that I may not include. Some pieces I think need less explanation and more mystery. This may be one of those. A special thanks to Emily of the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery for allowing me to possess the little doily from her special stash of treasures.

While slumber party action occurred this past weekend, I had a late night (early a.m) stretch in the studio and now have less on my "to do" list. I am feeling very close to starting on my next "art" piece for 2 local shows. I am still planning and dreaming and trying to let the practical thoughts of the how's and why's flow in and out of the creative thoughts. You know I will keep you posted!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seriously. I have been such a sloth. I can only blame recovering from teaching for so long and that time has passed. The last 2 days I have been in my PJ's reading a novel from start to finish, drinking coffee with Dutch cocoa and eating dry mini wheats.

Yes, I did felt a scarf, but it is about as "blah" as I am (until I dye it). The kids have been home due to snow and PA days, but as the sun beats down and the icicles are dripping, that can no longer be my excuse either. I do have deadlines looming and work to do. I think that before Christams I was focused on the holiday and then preparing for my Artist in Residence. With that behind me, I am having a hard time switching gears to creative mode. I will get there!

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time to relax

time to relax
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