Saturday, August 16, 2008

The no good, horrible, bad day!

Day started in a rush to head to Toronto to spend the day at the museum with the boys. About 2 hours into the drive the vehicle breaks down. Husband went with tow truck while I waited with 3 kids for 2 more hours waiting for a ride home...another 2 hours. Kids were not happy campers and either was I. I am grateful to brother in law for picking us up and was happy to be home! I am itching to get in the studio (as usual) and hope to do so the first part of the week!! Bye for now!


Helen + ilana = Hi said...

Thanks to The Funky Felter you have tagged over at my blog.  You’ll find the rules right here.  I hope you’ll participate!

Anonymous said...

kemocanOh, What a day! Thank God is over. I also came to say that I tagged you , the rules are at my blog...but somebody else already did it...oh, well it was fun!

time to relax

time to relax
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