Thursday, October 27, 2011

Makin' stuff...

Fun lil' sampler...

I had a wonderful student by webcam this week. We broke our "one day" instuction into 2 shorter days and I cannot believe all the stuff we covered. I answered lots of questions, made a 3d piece and also a sample with elements she wanted to explore. I really enjoyed it. Yesterday, I made a little bag. You can see the shrinkage as it is on it's resist. The tacky tie dye stretchy fabric is what is on the surface. The wool is corriedale. It's cute...nothing too exciting. I have a wild wrap laid out right now ready to wet and felt. Now, if I could wake up and warm up, I would feel motivated! I think a big mug of coffee or chai is in order, heater on in the studio...I Post images of the wild wrap when it is done (Pink, turquoise, black and white...we shall see!!)

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Susan Farber said...

I feel like a voyeur when I read your blog and don't comment!! I love all the pics and seeing your work. You seem able to produce so much - I'm envious! Hope to be able to take another class with you soon!


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time to relax
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