Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Big News

1. Do you have email? (check)
2. Do you have a webcam? (check-most laptops already have one)
3. Do you want to take a one-on-one workshop with me? (hmmm, tell you more?)

Okay, so I am not sure how I can click a button and suddenly I have a smiling, eager student appear on my laptop screen, but after installing a software link (an equally easy click) I can do this! (angels singing) There are so many of you all over the planet that I would like to reach, and I will get to your corner of the world eventually, but in the meantime, this is really good. I am shocked at how easy this leap has been to make and if you are unsure, we can briefly connect just to say "Hi' and for you to see how it will work.

the cost (payable via paypal) is equivalent to taking a workshop with me and we can break up the time into 2 half days (especially good for those is different time zones).

Interested? Email me at with what you would like to learn, your experience level and where you are located. I will then get back to you with all the juicy details and get you booked.

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1 comment:

vilterietje said...

great idea, but i'm still one of the fow people without a webcam, thinking of buying one, not easy to throw out a laptop still working:)
but as soon as i'm able to buy a new one,'the first thing i will do is take a workshop!

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time to relax
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