Friday, January 27, 2012

Steaming (mad, that is)

Oh! Peek a boo! Yes, my work hanging out the corners that could be removed through the holes!

Okay...I am so ready to put this to rest, but must vent/provide a cautionary tale.

In a nutshell...was invited to be part of a curated felt show with many other respected feltmakers. I sent work. Work was returned packed so poorly that the pieces fell out of the corners of the box (thankfully not lost).

I sent an email disgusted by how they handled my work. No reply. Sent another email to someone else who made a few excuses for lack of communication. Attached to her email was the internal communication in which I put 2 and 2 together to determine that the person who packed my work (co-curator!) is an "award winning" fibre artist for decades and was president of a handweavers guild...and this is how she packed my work? Wow. Really? Her name or the organization I will not reveal, but I certainly will not forget.

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Unknown said...

well you know what they say Andrea, once bitten twice shy, that box looks a terrible state, so glad your work is ok, your pieces are amazing so they were probaly just jealous.
Have a great weekend.
Chris x

Unknown said...

Unbelievable! How could anyone think it was all right to send your work back in that package? I have had work returned in funky packaging--work that was sent in the requested returnable packaging, coming back in some other stuff--but never anything like this. No wonder you are steaming. I would be too.

FELT 4U said...

Shoddy return packaging is unacceptable in in any professional setting. If they can't package items with care then you can imagine how rough they would be displaying delicate felted items.
Take a big brreath and let out all that steam. You are very talented atist.

Jacqueline said...

Don't be such a softy and reveal their name all over the Internet.
They deserve to be identified.
They showed ignorance and lack of respect for your hard work.

rtquilter said...

Wow! What an horrendous story. That is unbelievably bad . I am sure you SHOULD NOT forget!mthank goodness nothing was lost or damaged!

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks all...yes, I am a softy. Would love to divulge, but I am opting to take the high road! :o)

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