Saturday, February 25, 2012

Felting adventures...

Working on side #1

After lunch Pattycake is inspecting layout. Yes, she got in trouble (see face below)

Basket shmasket

In the thick of it!

From the last few posts, this should be titled "Adventures with Pattycake". I swear, I am not cat obsessed and this cat has not taken over. She has, however, been a distraction while I teach her the household/studio rules:

1.) You may catch mice in the storage room and eat them in their entirety (good kitty)
1a.) When catching mice, please make less of a mess (not pretty)

2.) You may lay on the studio table while it is only Andrea in the studio
2a.) You may not lay on my students work on the studio table (thankfully, said student was very good natured and no harm was done!)

A door will likely soon be installed so when I do have students I can keep her out of trouble.

This past week, I had web students the first part of the week...Texas and British Columbia and then a couple of days of household catch up. You know those days when you look around and think, "Wow, what tornado struck?". A photographer came out to shoot my teapots which will head out on Monday to Pittsburgh, then setting up for this weekend bag workshop. I am glad I limited it to 3 students because we have just enough space. Now that we are all assembled and felting we have plenty of space, but we made use of every spare surface with a "prefelt station" and a "spike station". Tomorrow we will need a "rope station"!

Next week, I have a student to make a "fascinator" (so fun!) and will take a couple of days to then work on a large form for a local curated show "I Am Water". will laugh ...I am taking a beginner sewing class one evening. I am such a dummy when it comes to sewing machines. I want someone, to whom I am not related, to show me how to confidently use the darn thing. I am going to wear a rubber nose and attend under an assumed name. Yes...yes...I am a textile artist who cannot sew by machine. Shhh. I also hate to measure. This being said, I impressed myself by successfully putting a skirt on my counter table and machine table and curtains on my shelves. I love hem tape.

We are all a work in progress, aren't we?!

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Hedwig Schumacher said...

The cats are everywhere the same. Tthey likes wool and wont to be where the hands are:-)!

KerryFelter said...

I've nominated you for a Liebster Award for blogging! Read about it here....

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