Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Almost ready to send...

7 scarves ready to mail (for the Toronto OCC Guild Shop)

Great roomy tote with zipper and pocket inside

drying to be ready for grommets. Pocket inside (of course)

a funky zipper pull on the tote
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Arnisha said...

These are stunning! I think I'll try Nuno felting soon...


Connections Fibre Artists said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Threadpainter said...

You will have no problem selling these beauties !

That was me (as Connections) that deleted the message above ... wanted to comment from me.

Connie said...

Dear Andrea,

Your works are so wonderful and lot of inspiration!
Thanks for showing them!
I'm a little bit sorry because i'm not able to unterstand (translate) all your text into German and very angry of my poor english knowledges.
So I'm a "silent Reader" and each post I read is good training for me.
Someday, I hope, I will be able to have conversation (without spending hours of finding words in my dictionary) to have internet lesson with you.
Best regards, Cornelia

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. The scarfs are very beautifull, also the bags are just great.

Andrea Graham-Artist said...

Thanks, you all. :o) Making me smile.

Charlton Stitcher said...

I love the bags - especially the tantalising glimpse of the one with the zipper pull - gorgeous!

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time to relax
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