Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ciao, Baby.

 David awaits.

Tomorrow I depart for Florence, Italy. I will spend a couple of days drinking in the beauty and history before I head on to textile centre, Prato, where I will have a solo exhibition at the DHG Gallery.  I will attend my opening and then teach for a couple of days before I head home. I know I will leave with plans to return. Just looking at images of this stunning part of the world has my heart leaping. I think I will be hooked. I am especially looking forward to meeting all the people who have worked very hard to make this possible and thanking them face to face (kiss, kiss)

The bag (yes, you read that correctly. Singular. One bag. You may kiss my ring) is packed with art (primary) and rolled up clothes (secondary) stuffed in the voids. Hoping all the wire, marbles and miscellany do not cause security alarm. But all placed on top in hopes I am not asked to recreate my epic jigsaw of wool and undies.

Tomorrow a.m. I will attempt to distract myself cleaning the studio before I begin the journey. Ipad mini (I can't be the only one that thinks "mini pad") has my Hugh Howey books (Dust and Shift), Ender's Game (thanks for the recommendation), and a couple of art themed movies in the event I am not able to sleep upright with my knees tucked around my ears. What are the odds.

I will keep you posted. Ciao, Baby! (beep, beep)

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foxglovefelts said...

Your new work looks amazing! Hope you have a great trip and good luck with the exhibition - just wish I could visit it myself!

Gifelt said...

Benvenuta in Italia! Ti accoglieremo a braccia aperte con la speranza che la nostra amicizia ti sia gradita! Malgrado io ti segua sempre da lontano sul tuo sito non potrò abbracciarti nè imparare le tue interessanti nozioni perchè impossibilitata per motivi di famiglia. Ti auguro un felice soggiorno e buon lavoro!
Giulia Rizzo

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time to relax
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