Monday, February 16, 2015

Moved Home and Studio!

I know I have been absent for a while here in Blog-land, but due to lots of amazing and exciting change in my life. I have moved from my rural location to the "city" of Kingston. I am in a charming tiny little space, all by my lonesome! Yes, that is kitties, no beastly dog (but lovely) or other human beings (all tremendously self-sufficient) It is the perfect place for me to work between my travel work and I am adapting quickly to being a city dweller. I'm very keen to walk wherever I need to go and meeting friends for dinners and live music feeding my creative soul.

I have received an amazing grant from the Ontario Arts Council as an established artist for creation and development of the new body of work that is yet to be revealed! This is to premier in Verona, Italy where I have a solo exhibition and it will be beautifully documented by Randy DeKleine. I will share images once the show is underway.

This new body of work is titled, "Monument: lasting evidence of someone or something notable" These sculptures are my own personal monuments to places, events and people from my past. It was during my recent travels last year that I spend as much time reflecting on what people tend to mark or memorialize than I did on anything else. There was lots of thinking about architecture and how we define "home" as I was considering uprooting. It was an unexpected benefit to all the travel and fascinating people I encountered.

Making big changes are never easy, but most things worthwhile are not. With every piece of art, we take a leap of faith and trust that we will create something worthwhile. I have been very fortunate through this process that the ideas and composition are flowing freely. This is an indicator that I am on the right path personally and professionally. I look forward to sharing the work here and on my website in the coming weeks and then I am off traveling the world once again! I will keep you posted

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OAC_CAO said...

Best of luck on your project! Thanks for acknowledging Ontario Arts Council funding.

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